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Defensive Driving Techniques Can Help You Avoid Accidents

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motor vehicle accidents, defensive driving, San Jose motor vehicle accident lawyers, safe driving, vehicle safelyEveryone has heard the maxim “be a defensive driver.” But what exactly does this style of driving entail? Driving defensively has many benefits, including reducing the risk of motor vehicle accidents.

Defensive driving teaches a range of tactics that allow drivers to see potential hazards more clearly and to have a better understanding of the possible ways other cars will act. Those who drive defensively also drive in a predictable manner for other motorists.

Defensive driving goes beyond knowing the laws and other rules of the road. Rather, defensive driving is a set of precepts that help drivers make the best decisions in uncertain situations.

Top 7 Defensive Driving Strategies

  1. Safety is your top priority. Wear your seat belt and lock your car doors. Putting your safety first will set the tone for your driving.

  2. Keep your eyes moving. You should check your mirrors frequently and be aware of road conditions 30 seconds ahead of you. Keep your eyes open for vulnerable roadway users like bicyclists, pedestrians and animals.

  3. Avoid the jerks. If you notice someone driving aggressively to the point of danger, it is best to turn off the road or slow down to avoid any contact with the car.

  4. Do not make assumptions about other cars. It is unwise to assume that a car will allow you to merge, will remain in its lane, or will follow the law. When drivers assume the future behavior of another driver, accidents occur.

  5. Obey the three-to-four-second rule. This rule helps drivers stay a safe distance behind other cars to avoid rear-end collisions. A car should stay at least three seconds behind any vehicle. Keep in mind that in bad weather, at nighttime, or in certain traffic conditions, cars should follow less closely.

  6. Speed limits are limits. The posted speed limits are the fastest you should drive, not necessarily the speed you should drive. Also, in inclement weather, speed limits should be reduced. Speed is a huge contributor to the cause of accidents.

  7. Cut out distractions. Your primary job is to drive your vehicle safely. Cut out any activity that does not contribute to that goal. Texting, grooming, and eating are all common ways drivers get distracted.

Contact a San Jose, CA Car Crash Attorney

Even the best drivers cannot always avoid being hit. If you believe that you were not at fault in a car or truck accident that has caused you bodily injury, you should seek legal counsel so that you can be adequately compensated.

Our firm understands how to negotiate with insurance companies and will not hesitate to bring your case to trial if the insurance company is being unreasonable in its settlement offers. Call the accomplished San Jose motor vehicle accident lawyers at the Jachimowicz Law Group at 408-246-5500 for your free consultation.







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