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Bay Area NBA Controversy: How Allegations of Stolen Property Can Impact Your Career

Posted on in Criminal Defense

petty theft crimes, San Jose criminal defense attorneys, stolen property, theft crimes, minor criminal chargesWhen you think of theft crimes, you may envision a hardened criminal or a slick grifter who eyes up his or her prey before making off with money, cars, jewelry, or other valuable assets. While these types of cases often make headlines, petty theft crimes often go unnoticed. Unfortunately, even a minor incident can draw lots of negative attention, depending on your career or your reputation within the community.

A recent case involving a local newscaster covering an NBA game highlights the controversy even a seemingly minor crime can cause, particularly if you are in the public eye.

Bay Area Newscaster Faces Hot Water After Taking Team Jacket

KGO-TV sports anchor Mike Shumann is an Emmy Award winning local sportscaster in the Bay Area and a former NFL player. His reputation took a hit recently though, after allegations that he stole a Golden State Warriors jacket from the Director of Team Security after an NBA game in San Antonio. According to an April 23, 2018 report by Mercury News, video cameras at the AT&T Stadium caught Shumann red handed taking the jacket.

The Warriors would not comment on the matter, but the news station said they were taking the allegations seriously and would launch an investigation. The jacket was returned to its rightful owner and Shumann issued an apology to the security director as well as to the players. Shumann was immediately pulled from the conference by his employer and there is no word yet on whether criminal charges will be filed in the matter.

Fallout of Petty Theft Crimes

Under the California Penal Code, the taking or misappropriation of any type of property that belongs to another is considered a crime and a conviction would appear as part of your permanent record. The penalties for petty theft depend on the situation and the value of the property, and can range from fines of up to $1,000 to up to six months in jail.

The Shumann case highlights why you need an experienced and aggressive criminal attorney on your side, even if you are only facing minor criminal charges. In these types of situations, the accusations alone are enough to damage a person’s credibility and derail their career. As part of our legal defense strategy, our San Jose criminal theft attorneys consider all the potential outcomes and help with the public relations surrounding your case, advising you on potential actions to help minimize the chances of a conviction and the harm your reputation has suffered. Even if charges are not filed against Mike Shumann, an otherwise illustrious career could be blemished and he will need legal guidance to deal with the fallout that results.

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