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New App Promises to Help Protect Store Customer Against Slip and Fall Accidents

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slip and fall accidents, San Jose slip and fall accident attorneys, store liability, grocery store accident, head injuriesSlip and fall accidents are common in grocery and retail stores. Unfortunately, when these accidents happen, the damages can be severe. Even a seemingly minor fall could cause injuries requiring long-term medical care, while resulting in lasting disabilities. 

A grocery and retail insurance provider recently launched a mobile phone and web based application, which promises to reduce dangerous conditions that make slip and fall accidents more likely. While this can help protect customer safety, it also gives these companies an additional tool to use when defending themselves against premises liability claims.

Grocery and Retail Slip and Fall Injuries 

Slips, trips, and falls are one of the leading causes of injuries and disabilities in the United States. Even a minor slip and fall can result in soft tissue injuries, such as muscle strains and sprains, as well as broken bones, and head, back, or neck injuries. The National Safety Council (NSC) estimates that as many as one million people visit hospital emergency rooms each year due to slip and fall accidents

Slips and falls often occur in public places, such as grocery and retail stores. While commonly attributed as being ‘accidental,’ they are generally the result of negligence on the part of the store or property owner or their employees.

According to the NSC, common types of hazards which can put customers at risk include:

  • Wet, slippery falls;
  • Uneven flooring;
  • Cluttered aisles;
  • Broken floor tiles and frayed carpeting;
  • Lack of mats at entrances and exits;
  • Lack of handrails at heights and on stairs.

Store owners have the obligation to protect customer safety. When injuries occur as the result of any of the above conditions, they can be held legally liable for any injuries that result.

App Protects Customers, Reduces Liability for Store Owners

To protect grocery and retail store owners against liability for slip and fall injuries, Argo Limited, a leading store insurance provider, has come out with a mobile app designed to identify and correct potential hazards. Argo Risk Tech is a phone and web-based application that uses electronic sensors to alert store managers to dangerous conditions, while using real-time metrics to make sure the condition is corrected and routine safety inspections are performed.

Introduced in January 2017, the app also contains built in features for completing reports when accidents do occur. Argo Tech claims it can help reduce grocery and retail store liability by preventing accidents and thoroughly documenting the circumstances when they do occur.

Let Us Help You Today

When you suffer injuries due to a slip or fall, it is important to notify the store owner immediately and to seek medical attention. Follow your doctor’s instructions regarding work and activity restriction, and reach out to our dedicated San Jose slip and fall accident attorneys before accepting any settlements. At Jachimowicz Law Group, we can help ensure your rights are protected, while assisting you in getting the compensation you need to recover. Call or contact us online and request a free consultation today.









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