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Four Things to Know about Your Burn Injury

Posted on in Catastrophic Injuries

California injury lawyer, California accident attorneyBurns present some of the most serious injuries and long-lasting complications. Once the skin is compromised by a burn injury, specialized medical care is often required. Burns can also be one of the most painful injuries that leaves behind permanent scarring.

Here are four key facts about burn injuries:

  1. Burn Injuries Are Categorized by Degrees

First-degree burns damage only the skin’s outermost layer (the epidermis). Second-degree burns affect the epidermis and the dermis, which is the skin’s next layer.

Third-degree burns damage or completely destroy the skin to its full depth, With third degree burns underlying tissue and nerves are likely injured.

  1. Burn Injury Treatments Have Improved Over Time

Thirty years ago burn injuries to half the body were often deadly. Today, however, it is possible and likely that someone with burns covering 90 percent of the body will live.

Skin grafts are often used to repair burned skin. This procedure involves taking skin from one part of the victim’s body and transferring it to the burn site. Sometimes a cadaver’s skin is used.

  1. Most Serious Burn Injuries Happen in the Home

Seventy-three percent of burn center patients say that they were burned in the home. Eight percent were burned on the job, 5 percent were burned on a roadway and 5 percent were burned during recreation. (The remaining group reported “other” causes.)

Patients admitted to burn centers report the following as the cause of their injuries:

  • 43 percent fire/flame;
  • 34 percent scald;
  • 9 percent contact;
  • 4 percent electrical;
  • 3 percent chemical, and
  • 7 percent other.
  1. Burn Injuries Can Leave Extensive Scarring

Skin grafting, the primary way serious burns are treated, often leaves patients disfigured at the burn site and can also leave scarring at the location from where the healthy skin was taken. While the burn victim may live, he or she may not always have total feeling in the burned areas and will likely have to live with scarring.

Contact a San Jose, CA Burn Injury Attorney

If you have been burned in an accident where you believe someone else was at fault, you should contact an attorney. An attorney will know what steps must be taken so that you maximize your compensation. An attorney will also be able to advocate for you and explain to others the significant pain and suffering you have likely experienced.

Our firm accepts most accident cases on a contingency fee basis, which means that you will not pay attorney’s fees until you receive compensation. Call the knowledgeable San Jose burn injury lawyers at the Jachimowicz Law Group at 408-246-5500 to learn more about your case today.





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