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CA injury lawyerA motorcycle accident on Highway 101 claimed the life of a San Jose man recently. As loved ones and family members deal with the devastating aftermath, the crash serves as an important reminder of how vulnerable bikers are in collisions with motor vehicles. Now that spring is here in the Bay area, increasing numbers of motorcycle enthusiasts will be taking to the roads. Take the time now to review some basic safety precautions which could help to prevent a collision.

Victim in Motorcycle Accident Identified as San Jose Man

A fatal motorcycle crash occurred recently in the northbound lanes near Dunne Avenue in Morgan Hill. The accident occurred just after 5:00 p.m. when the driver of a 2011 Yamaha R1 slammed into the back of 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 1500. After making sure the victim’s family members were notified, state police finally released the victim’s name to the press several days later. The Yamaha driver was a 30-year-old man from San Jose. He was rushed to Regional Medical Center but later died as the result of his injuries.

The driver of the Silverado truck, an unidentified 45-year-old San Jose woman, suffered only minor injuries in the crash. Authorities claim the motorcyclist was slowing his Yamaha in response to changes in traffic conditions when the accident occurred. Unfortunately, he was not able to slow the motorcycle enough to avoid colliding into the back of the Silverado. The police report that there is no evidence the driver of the truck was under the influence. They are still waiting for toxicology reports on the motorcyclist.


CA injury attorneyResidents and visitors throughout the Bay Area routinely rely on buses and trains to get where they want to go. Commercial carriers ease traffic tie-ups and eliminate the cost associated with maintaining a car or paying for parking. However, in addition to the downside of working around a train or bus schedule and having to sit through multiple stops, there are dangers that passengers face. Mass transit accidents are rare but can cause catastrophic injuries, while even minor incidents aboard buses and trains can cause major harm. The following highlights some of the more common dangers and what you can do to protect yourself.

Mass Transit Hazards

A local man was the latest victim in a Caltrain accident that occurred during rush hour on Wednesday, April 10, 2019. The incident occurred in San Mateo and involved the man being struck while on or near the tracks. While police are still investigating the underlying causes, it marks the fourth fatality for Caltrain this year.

Crossing train tracks and waiting at bus stops or rail stations is one of the most common places for mass transit accidents to occur. Mishaps can happen due to overcrowding, rushing to get to a stop in time, and ignoring warning signs and signals. Other common mass transit hazards include:


CA injury lawyerDespite tougher legislation and the increased efforts of law enforcement officials, distracted driving car accidents continue to wreak havoc on the roads throughout our area. These accidents can cause serious and potentially life threatening injuries for both drivers and passengers, injuries that were otherwise entirely avoidable. San Jose officials continue to be involved in statewide efforts to raise public awareness and by sharing the tragic tale of the loss of his daughter, a local fire captain hopes that he can get motorists to pay attention.

To Raise Awareness, Fire Captain Shares Details of Daughter’s Death

The Captain of the San Jose Fire Department suffered a devastating loss four years on Mother’s Day weekend when his daughter was tragically killed as the result of a distracted driving accident. The still-grieving father now shares his story in the hopes that it will raise awareness and can help save other lives.

Through a California Highway Patrol program titled ‘Impact Teen Drivers’, the captain shares the sad details of the night his 16-year-old daughter was killed. He said she was with a group of friends who were usually chauffeured by a parent, but no one was available that evening to take the girls where they wanted to go. One of the girls was a licensed driver, so with their parent’s permission, they headed out in search of fun on a Saturday evening. It was just a week before the captain’s daughter was set to graduate from her learner’s permit and obtain her own license. Her father had even worked with her in driver training and safety earlier that day.


CA injury lawyerProduct liability claims involve people who have been injured as the result of defects or dangers that a manufacturer either should have known about or knew about and failed to pull the product or provide adequate warnings. A recent trial went underway in San Francisco recently concerning a common and well-known gardening product that is alleged to contain cancer-causing agents which have left many people suffering serious illnesses as a result.

Product Liability Trial Begins for California Man

A federal jury in San Francisco will hear testimony about how a California man developed cancer and how the weed killer Roundup may have been to blame. The lawsuit involving a 70-year-old man is one of the thousands of product liability cases filed throughout the country against agribusiness giant Monsanto, the maker of the weedkiller. The man’s case has the distinction of being the second to go to trial.

The man claims he contracted cancer after routinely using Roundup weedkiller for years under the assumption that it was safe. Critics of the product claim that the main ingredient glyphosate, a common herbicide, is responsible for a variety of cancer illnesses among users. Monsanto disputes this claim, stating that they have conducted numerous studies which have determined the chemical to be safe. Previously, a San Francisco jury awarded another Roundup litigant more than $289 million for damages he suffered as a result of using Roundup and later contracting non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. That award was later reduced to $78 million by the judge and Monsanto is appealing the verdict.


CA injury lawyerAccidents can happen in a variety of scenarios. Minus any immediate symptoms, such as broken bones, obvious bruises, or bleeding, you may be tempted to brush off any possible injuries you sustain as relatively minor and inconsequential. However, anytime an accident involves a bump, blow, or jolt to the head, it is important to be aware of the serious and possibly permanent damages it can cause. Concussions are one of the most common types of personal injuries and medical experts continue to uncover the serious ramifications these injuries can have on every area of a victims life.

Signs and Symptoms of Concussion

According to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS), a concussion involves any type of injury to the head that disrupts the brains normal processes and functions. In cases of mild concussion, there may be no immediate or obvious outward signs symptoms. As a result, victims may be tempted to shrug off a bump or blow to the head, not reporting it or seeking the medical attention they need.

However, the AANS states that even a minor concussion is nothing to take lightly, as it can have long term impacts on your physical health and emotional wellbeing. Signs and symptoms to be alert for include:

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