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CA employment attorneyIt can be challenging enough to get ahead in some industries due to large pools of qualified candidates and fierce competition for jobs. Unfortunately, in addition to making it harder to find a position, these are also the types of circumstances under which employment discrimination is most likely to occur. While these cases tend to involve minorities in other areas of the country, the makeup of the workforce in San Jose often results in discrimination claims taking a different form.

San Jose Woman Accuses Tech Firm of Favoring Indian and Asian-American Employees

Asian-Americans and Indian immigrants dominate many of the tech firms in Silicon Valley. While these workers might represent a minority in some other places, they are the majority in the tech industry in the San Jose area. A local woman recently filed a lawsuit that as one of the sole caucasian workers at her company, she was discriminated against by her employers on the basis of her gender, nationality, and skin color.

The woman claims she was hired as the director of business development by tech company Happiest Minds, which has its U.S. headquarters in San Jose, early in 2018. As 90 percent of the firm’s workforce is either Asian-American or Indian and most top-level executives are male, she found herself to be in an exceedingly small minority. Among the specific incidents she cites as rising to the level of discrimination include:


CA employment lawyerShifts in labor force requirements can happen for a variety of reasons. A job lay-off may take you by surprise or it may have been something that was whispered about weeks or even months before it actually happened. In either case, a lay-off can present a major hurdle in terms of your career. It can also leave you facing serious financial insecurity as you struggle to meet your monthly bills and other obligations. As experienced San Jose employment law attorneys, we want you to be aware of four important areas that need to be addressed if you find yourself in this situation.

Job Lay-Offs Impact More Than 500 in the Bay Area

Cisco Systems is one of the largest employers in the Bay Area. Unfortunately, some who have built careers at the tech conglomerate’s San Jose headquarters have found themselves holding pink slips in recent months. The company recently announced it would be immediately laying off more than 500 workers, the second round of lay-offs by the company over the past 12 months.

Four hundred of the cuts impacted employees at the company’s headquarters while close to 100 others were laid off from the Milpitas location. Nearly all of those affected by the job cuts worked in the engineering department. Software engineers, engineering technical leaders, and program managers were among those whose positions were eliminated. The cuts come as Cisco has switched its focus from hardware to software over recent years. Five hundred employees were previously laid off in November of 2018 while more than 1,600 Cisco employees found themselves out of work over the prior two year period.


CA employment lawyerThe Bay Area can be a dangerous place. In addition to the services of local police departments, many companies and individuals retain security personnel. Their job is to protect people and property while maintaining public safety. While trained in efforts at deescalating disturbances, there are situations which require swift and firm action. In recent years, those in these types of occupations have come under fire over allegations of using excessive force. As experienced San Jose employment law attorneys, we represent those who are facing these accusations, protecting their reputation and their jobs.

San Jose Officer Wins Back Job After Firing Over Excessive Force Allegations

A police officer risked his own personal safety in confronting a disturbed individual at San Jose State University several years ago. Unfortunately, his actions in apprehending, restraining, and eventually arresting the suspect resulted in him getting fired from his job.

The incident happened in 2016. The officer was summoned by SJSU security officials, who spotted an individual on the eighth floor of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library, allegedly looking at pornography and masturbating. The officer approached the suspect and asked for his name and birthdate. However, the answers the man gave became more and more bizarre.


CA employment lawyerViolent attacks in the workplace are an unfortunately common occurrence and have made headlines across the country over the past decade. While these types of incidents are often perpetrated by former or current employees, they can also occur randomly and as a result of dealing with members of the general public. For workers in the Bay Area, two recent incidents highlight the potential dangers people in a variety of occupations potentially face. Employers who fail to acknowledge these types of risks and those who do not have safety plans in place can be held liable when injuries occur.

Employees Face Injuries in Two Recent Incidents Involving Bay Area

A drug-induced rampage by a YouTube employee recently took place that resulted in injuries to more than eight people. The 32-year-old suspect was vacationing with friends when he took LSD and became delusional. He assaulted several friends before stabbing a security officer who attempted to intervene. When police caught up with the man and attempted to corner him, the suspect gunned the engine of his vehicle and accelerated toward them. The man had to be shot three times before the vehicle stopped.

The incident happened only days after another violent altercation put other employees at risk. Police recently arrested two Bay Area teens accused of firing a gun at San Bruno’s Tanforan Mall the previous week, putting both employees and the customers in danger. Two victims were reported to have suffered non-life threatening gunshot wounds. While the police search for a third suspect, the two teens apprehended are being held in the San Mateo County Youth Services Center on several charges, including attempted murder.


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San Jose whistleblower protection lawyerThroughout the month of August, a federal government agency is kicking off events across the United States to promote safer practices in the workplace. It is part of a year-long program to make employers and their workers more aware of dangers that exist and to initiate policies to help prevent future accidents from occurring. Despite these efforts, there are still plenty of places that discourage workers from reporting injuries and require them to take unnecessary risks as a daily part of their job. For individuals such as these, it is important to be aware of the whistleblower protections that are in place.

OSHA Recommends Practices to Keep Workers Safe and Sound

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will be working with employers in the Bay Area and across the country this month to help create safer conditions in the workplace. As part of its Safe + Sound program, the goal is to raise awareness, increase compliance with state and national safety regulations, and decrease the potential for on-the-job accidents and injuries. More than 60 employers throughout California have partnered with the agency to focus on the following objectives: 

  • To establish worker safety as a core value of their company;

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