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CA injury lawyerThere are numerous traffic situations where making a U-turn may seem like a good idea. Encountering unexpected traffic conditions, missing your exit ramp on a highway or a turn you needed to make on a city street, or simply realizing you are headed the wrong direction are all common scenarios which could cause you to attempt this type of traffic maneuver. While in general, U-turns are legal throughout California and throughout San Jose, there are situations where they are prohibited and could put you, your passengers, and other motorists at risk from car accidents and injuries.

Fatal U-Turn Accident

A U-turn accident recently occurred in San Jose, which left one person dead and others involved with serious injuries. The crash occurred just before noon on Saturday, December 8, 2018, at the 800 Block of South Jackson Avenue. While police have yet to name the victims, traffic crash reports indicate that a Honda Accord headed south attempted to make an illegal u-turn north. As he stopped in the road, he was struck by a Chevy Trailblazer also in the southbound lanes.

As a result of the crash, both drivers and three passengers in the Honda suffered serious injuries and were taken to nearby hospitals, where one of the passengers died a short time later. It appears both drivers may have been somewhat to blame for the crash, which was the 44th fatal car accident to occur in San Jose over the course of the year.


CA injury lawyerWhen running late for an appointment or when frustrated over congested traffic conditions, it is not uncommon for drivers to engage in aggressive driving behaviors. Honking your horn, refusing to yield, and tailgating are all common on roads and highways in San Jose and throughout the Bay Area. These types of behaviors are dangerous and lead to an increased risk of car accidents and injuries. They can also easily escalate to a level of road rage. In a recent case, a local man was sentenced to more than two years in prison for an incident involving law enforcement officials.

Road Rage Results in Federal Sentence for San Jose Man

A local San Jose man accused of getting involved in a road rage incident more than a year ago with a U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency officer was recently convicted in District Court. A man was sentenced to two and a half years in federal prison on December 12, 2018, after pleading guilty in the altercation that occurred in May of 2017.

At the time, the man had been driving a Chevy Suburban on Interstate 680 and going at a high rate of speed when he became enraged at a driver of a Dodge Journey, who he deemed as going too slow in the fast lane. The man switched lanes, pulled up alongside the Dodge, and threw a chisel at the vehicle. It broke the rolled up passenger side window and landed in the lap of the driver, who just happened to be a federal DEA agent. The agent was not injured in the attack, but the other driver was charged with aggravated assault.


CA injury lawyerFor colder climates, the beginning of December and the holiday season means an increased chance for snow and icy conditions. In the San Jose area, warmer temperatures mean that winter weather often brings a deluge of rain, as was the case recently. Heavy rains and flooding have impacted the entire South Bay area, and while not perceived to be as dangerous as snow or ice accumulations, has resulted in an increase of car accidents and injuries. At this time of year, it is important to be aware of the impact rain can have on driver safety and to take the steps needed to protect yourself.

Rain and Car Accident Risks

Heavy rains and storms have been passing through the Bay area since Thanksgiving and are taking a heavy toll on drivers. News media reported that multiple car accidents have been blamed on the weather, while heavy flooding and submerged roads have caught drivers off guard.

Numerous accidents and breakdowns have occurred over the past several weeks. On busy bridges and highways, they have the potential to cause multi-vehicle pileups, resulting in serious injuries and property damages while tying up traffic for hours at a time. Rain and wet conditions are nothing new in the San Jose area, but many drivers fail to recognize how they can increase car accident risks.


CA injury lawyerFor pedestrians, being struck by a motor vehicle can result in serious and potentially life-threatening personal injuries. In many cases, it is the reckless actions of drivers who are to blame in these collisions. For victims, getting compensation in a claim can help offset the medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages they suffer. In the event injuries prove fatal, holding the at-fault driver accountable can help give grieving family members a sense of justice.

When these types of tragic events involve hit and run accidents, this can end up proving challenging. Witnesses to the accident are often invaluable in providing information that can lead to apprehending these suspects. In the case of a recent fatal hit and run accident in San Jose, witnesses went one step further, preventing a potential hit and run driver from fleeing the scene.

Fatal Hit and Run Pedestrian Accident in San Jose

Over the recent Thanksgiving weekend, a fatal pedestrian accident happened on the Capitol Expressway in San Jose. The collision occurred on Saturday, November 24, 2018, when an identified female was hit by a 2018 Ford truck traveling in the eastbound lanes. Investigators report that after striking the victim, the 39-year-old San Jose driver attempted to leave the scene.


CA injury lawyerThe reckless driving behaviors of motorists, such as distracted driving, speeding, and driving under the influence, are a leading cause of car accidents and injuries in San Jose and throughout the country. However, there are often other, contributing factors involved, which can put drivers at risk. In San Jose, crumbling roads are not only an eyesore and hard on your vehicle, but they can also increase your risks of a crash.

San Jose Named Among 10 Worst Cities for Road Conditions

While city managers seek funding for making infrastructure improvements, residents are left to drive on roads that are often potholed, covered in gravel, and in general need for repair. Unfortunately, the situation is direr than you may think. According to a November 2018 CheatSheet report, San Jose has been named among the 10 worst cities in the nation in terms of having bad roads.

The report lists San Jose as third in the country, falling behind Los Angeles and San Francisco, in terms of having the largest percentage of crumbling roads and highways in America. Traffic and road surveys indicate that roughly six out of every 10 roadways in the area are in dire need of maintenance and repair. This has the following impacts on drivers:







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