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Choosing the Right Summer Daycare for Your Child

Posted on in Personal Injury

summer daycare, San Jose personal injury attorneys, child care center licensing, daycare negligence, daycare injuriesThe summer months mean children are out of school, thus leaving busy parents to plan on ways to occupy their time. Time spent in a daycare facility or with a babysitter may be needed to ensure older children are supervised throughout the day and to provide for the needs of younger ones.

Deciding on the right provider in either situation can easily create tension, as parents worry about safety and the quality of care their children will receive. To keep everyone happy and to protect against potentially serious accidents and personal injuries, consider the following tips to help guide you in making these arrangements.

Child Care Center Licensing in California

One of the first things to look for when choosing child care is whether the home or facility is licensed under state law. The California Child Care Licensing Program provides safety guidelines and regular inspections to ensure children are provided for properly. There are two types of child care settings from which you can choose:

  • Child care centers, which often operate as businesses in strip malls and other office spaces, may provide for larger numbers of children depending on the amount of staff they employ.
  • For more informal care, many families rely on individual providers in their neighborhoods who care for children directly in their homes. Under state guidelines, small family child care homes are permitted to have no more than eight children, while larger homes can accommodate as many as 14.

What to Look for at a Daycare

In addition to making sure an individual or group daycare provider is licensed, Parents.com offers the following tips on what to look for during a visit:

  • Check the ratio of staff to children. While one person may be adequate to supervise older kids, you want more interaction if your child is a toddler or infant;
  • Check the playground area. This should be in a fenced in and enclosed area, with ground covers designed to cushion against falls;
  • Keep an eye on cleanliness. Notice the condition of toys, chairs, mats, and other surfaces. Are workers quick to sanitize items after the children are done playing?; 
  • Look for emergency numbers. Make note of where the telephone is located. There should be a list of emergency numbers kept close by; and
  • Ask for references. In addition to checking the background of the workers or the daycare provider, ask for references from other parents.

While you want your provider to have strong security features in place, do not be afraid to drop in for an unannounced visit. Even if it is just to observe the staff’s attitude, stopping by other than at expected times can help provide a behind the scenes look at how the daycare operates.

Our San Jose Personal Injury Attorneys Are Here to Help

Accidents happen. However, when injuries occur as the result of the negligence of a daycare provider, they can be held liable for the damages your child suffers. Our talented San Jose personal injury attorneys are here to help in these situations. Reach out and contact Jachimowicz Law Group to request a consultation today.









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