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Complications from Traumatic Brain Injuries

Posted on in Catastrophic Injuries

California accident attorney, California personal injury lawyerIf you or a loved one have sustained a traumatic brain injury following a blow to the head, you may be experiencing a variety of complications. The brain is one of the body’s most vulnerable parts, and TBI complications can have a significant impact on your daily life.

Conditions Caused by TBIs

The following types of complications may arise after a brain injury:

  • Altered consciousness. Common in moderate to severe TBIs, a victim may not be fully awake and aware. An accident victim may be in a coma or a minimally conscious state, experience locked-in syndrome or suffer brain death.
  • Seizures. Seizures can be limited to the week following the accident or become recurring, which is a condition called post-traumatic epilepsy.
  • Fluid buildup in the brain. This can lead to increased pressure and brain swelling.
  • Nerve damage. Cranial nerve damage can result in paralysis of facial muscles, loss of vision and swallowing difficulties.
  • Intellectual problems. This is an extremely common complication that arises after TBIs. Accident victims may notice they have trouble with reasoning, judgment, memory, multi-tasking and organization.
  • Communication issues. TBI victims may lose the ability to read or write, have trouble conversing with others and have difficulty in reading social cues.
  • Behavioral changes. Victims may experience a shift in behaviors to include increased risk taking, lack of self-control and inaccuracy in self-image.
  • Emotional problems. TBI victims report feeling depression, anxiety, insomnia, anger and mood swings.
  • Sensory issues. This class of problems can include ringing in the ears, hand-eye coordination impairment or blind spots in vision.
  • Degenerative brain diseases. A TBI may increase the risk of certain brain diseases that may appear later in life such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and dementia pugilistica.

How Can a Lawyer Help Me Get Compensation for My Brain Injuries?

The attorneys at our firm are knowledgeable about brain injury cases. Every case is unique, but typically there are two areas we focus on: proof of fault and injuries caused by fault.

In some cases, proof of fault is an open and shut matter because it is easy to tell who caused the accident. In other cases, it may be argued that the TBI victim was partially at fault (which would reduce the money damages) or it may be that multiple parties are at fault, in which case we must file a suit and prove fault against each entity.

Without proving fault there is no way for an accident victim to recover, so this is a crucial part of a claim.

The second part of the case is proving injuries. Some injuries are fairly obvious and simple to prove. However, in most brain injury cases, there are some injuries that require more explanation.

For example, economic experts may be needed to testify to how the injury impacts your ability to earn a living for you and your family. Also, some brain injuries are difficult for a judge and jury to understand. Unlike injuries like bed sores and amputations, some brain injuries are not visible to others.

In fact, a brain injury victim could look and even speak like someone without any injury. It is a lawyer’s job to convey these more nuanced -- yet still very real -- injuries to a judge or jury.

Contact a San Jose, CA Brain Injury Attorney

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