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Crumbling Roads in San Jose Increase Car Accident Risks

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CA injury lawyerThe reckless driving behaviors of motorists, such as distracted driving, speeding, and driving under the influence, are a leading cause of car accidents and injuries in San Jose and throughout the country. However, there are often other, contributing factors involved, which can put drivers at risk. In San Jose, crumbling roads are not only an eyesore and hard on your vehicle, but they can also increase your risks of a crash.

San Jose Named Among 10 Worst Cities for Road Conditions

While city managers seek funding for making infrastructure improvements, residents are left to drive on roads that are often potholed, covered in gravel, and in general need for repair. Unfortunately, the situation is direr than you may think. According to a November 2018 CheatSheet report, San Jose has been named among the 10 worst cities in the nation in terms of having bad roads.

The report lists San Jose as third in the country, falling behind Los Angeles and San Francisco, in terms of having the largest percentage of crumbling roads and highways in America. Traffic and road surveys indicate that roughly six out of every 10 roadways in the area are in dire need of maintenance and repair. This has the following impacts on drivers:

  • Reduces traffic flow and increases congestion;
  • Causes damage to vehicles, increasing maintenance costs; and
  • Increases overall car accident risks.

Poor Road Conditions Make Car Accidents More Likely

Poor road conditions cost drivers money. According to a CNBC report, the average cost to repair broken axles, blown shock absorbers, and damaged tires for most drivers is generally in the vicinity of $500 per year. For motorists in our area, poor road conditions more than double these costs. Nationwide, vehicle maintenance costs due to crumbling roads add up to millions of dollars each year.

There are also the costs associated with car accidents and injuries to contend with. Even a minor fender bender can leave drivers paying tens of thousands of dollars in damages, while more serious accidents can quickly add up to millions when you factor in lifetime medical costs and lost wages. Road conditions contribute to car accidents in the following ways:

  • By causing traffic congestion, poor roads increase the risk of collisions caused by tailgating and lane changes;
  • Potholes, cracks, and uneven road surfaces make it more likely that drivers will skid and lose control of their vehicle;
  • Poorly marked roads and road debris can cause drivers to swerve or suddenly stop, causing a chain reaction accident with other motorists.

When driving in poor road conditions, behaviors such as being distracted, speeding, or driving aggressively become even more dangerous and significantly increase car accident risks.

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