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Dog-Friendly Locations Require Some Caution

Posted on in Personal Injury

San Jose personal injury attorney, dog attack, unleashed dog, dog bite injuries, dog bitesThroughout San Jose and the entire Bay Area, there are numerous parks, restaurants, shopping plazas, and other venues which are friendly to four legged companions. While being able to take your dog with you on outings allows for plenty of advantages, it also comes with a certain amount of responsibility. Individual pet owners are responsible for their dogs behavior, and can be held accountable when dog bites resulting in serious personal injuries occur.

Consider the following tips on how to protect yourself when encountering a dog, either with the owner or unattended, as well as what to do in the event a bite or attack occurs.

Protecting Yourself Against an Attack

The Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority is responsible for enforcing state and local animal ordinances in our area. The majority of calls they receive are in regards to roaming dogs, despite local ordinances that require pets to be confined in an owner's yard or leashed when in parks and other public places.

If you see a dog unleashed, regardless of whether the owner is nearby, it is important to use caution to protect yourself against a bite or attack. The signs that a dog may act out aggressively are often unmistakable, and include crouching or standing perfectly still, with the ears and tail down, while growling or baring its teeth. If you encounter an unleashed dog or one otherwise behaving in this manner, do the following to protect yourself:

  • Stay calm and resist the urge to run, which will likely cause the dog to chase you;
  • Avoid screaming or yelling, which could cause the animal to charge;
  • Slowly back away, while avoiding direct eye contact with the dog; and
  • Keep your handbag, backpack, or jacket in front of you, which can be used to deflect bites in the event the dog does attack.

Remember that even an otherwise friendly dog or one that you are familiar with can turn vicious if it is hurt, scared, or hungry. Use caution as well when approaching dogs on leashes in public places. Always approach slowly and ask the owner before attempting to pet or otherwise engage with the animal.

What to Do if a Dog Bite Occurs

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), roughly one out of every five dog bites is severe enough as to require immediate medical attention. Dog bites can cause wounds that tear at muscles and tendons, and have the potential to leave you with permanent scarring and impairments. Contrary to common myths, a dog’s mouth does harbor numerous bacteria, and a bite can result in serious and potentially life threatening infections. Always report a dog bite immediately to animal control, and notify the police so that an accident report can be filed.

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