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Gathering Evidence After a Car Accident

Posted on in Personal Injury

car accident claim, San Jose car accident attorneys, car accident injuriesWhile car accidents are common, most of us have limited experience in what to do after a collision occurs. Unfortunately, the immediate hours and days after are often crucial in collecting evidence, which will play an important role in your car accident claim.

At our law firm, we have a team of professionals who will thoroughly investigate your case; however, there are important pieces of information you can gather on your own. Likewise, there is evidence which insurers often attempt to use against you. Being aware of this can help protect your rights to compensation.

Evidence in Support of Your Car Accident Claim

Anytime a car accident occurs, even if it is seemingly minor, your first step should be to notify law enforcement immediately. At the scene, the responding officer will fill out an accident report, which includes important information such as where and when the accident occurred, conditions of both vehicles at the scene, and the names of any drivers involved. This report plays a crucial role in your car accident claim.

You should also get immediate medical attention for any injuries you suffer. Serious injuries can have symptoms which take days to appear, and not getting medical care could endanger your health. It could also jeopardize your ability to get compensation, as medical records and statements from hospitals and treating physicians are important pieces of evidence.

In addition to the above, it is important to do the following after an accident, which can serve as additional evidence in your case:

  • Make notes at the accident scene, if possible. Jot down road, traffic, and weather conditions, the appearance of the other driver, and passengers in their vehicle.
  • Take pictures with your cell phone. Get photos of your car, your injuries, the other vehicle, and the area around where the accident occurred.
  • Get names and contact information for witnesses, in the event they are not included in the police report.
  • Make note of stores, gas stations, and traffic lights in the area. All of these may have video monitoring, which your attorney can subpoena for review as evidence in your case.
  • Keep receipts for expenses, such as medications and out of pocket costs, and gather pay stubs to show average earnings and lost wages.

Bear in mind that your insurance company will be looking for evidence to disprove your claim. Follow all of your doctor’s instructions regarding follow up care and work or activity restrictions. Avoid making any statements about your accident or the causes, and do not post about it on social media.

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, social media accounts are one of the first places insurance adjusters looks in seeking evidence to dispute your claim.

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