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Happy Hollow Incident Raises Concerns About Dog Attacks in San Jose

Posted on in Personal Injury

San Jose personal injury attorneys, dog attacks, dog bites, fatal personal injuries, dog bite injuriesDogs have a well earned reputation for providing companionship and comfort to their owners. While public areas throughout San Jose pride themselves on being ‘dog friendly,’ it is important to keep your dog on a leash at all times for their own safety and the protection of others. When dogs owners fail to control their pets, serious and potentially fatal personal injuries can result. A recent situation occurred at a beloved San Jose Zoo, where several animals were killed by roaming dogs. Unfortunately, it is not an isolated incident. Dog bites have been responsible for several deaths in our area over the past year.

Happy Hollow Dog Attacks Claim Zoo Animals

People through the San Jose area have been up in arms over the issue of roaming and unattended dogs since two separate dog attacks at the Happy Hollow Park and Zoo killed several of the park’s animals. The Mercury News reports that the first incident was discovered on January 15, 2018, when zoo workers arrived for their shifts to find one of the miniature horses mauled and dead in their pen. Security camera footage revealed a pack of three dogs had been roaming the park after hours, but the attack itself was not on videotape. Despite additional precautions, it happened again less than a week later, when zoo workers arrived in the morning to find three other miniature horses and a donkey dead.

Inside the pen workers found a Belgian Malinois, a large dog who did not appear aggressive. A second dog was found in a nearby park with a piece of loose rope still around its next, which suggests it had been tied up and broke loose. Both dogs fit the description of those in the videotape surveillance, though the third dog was never found. The park and its miniature horses have been a family favorite in San Jose, and residents are still mourning the loss.

Dog Attacks in San Jose

It is not only zoo animals which have been impacted by dog attacks in San Jose and the surrounding area. A follow up Mercury News report interviewed workers with local animal control agencies. They say it is common for dogs to end up running wild, either due to owner oversight or to abandonment. Unfortunately, it is a situation which can result in severe and potentially life threatening injuries. In November 2017, an Oakland man and woman were badly wounded in an attack by roaming pit bulls, while the following month a pack of dogs in Modesto mauled another woman and killed a 64-year-old man who came to her aid.

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Dog attacks are traumatic events and it is up to dog owners to be responsible for controlling their dogs to prevent them. If you have been the victim in this type of attack, reach out and contact Jachimowicz Law Group. We can arrange a consultation with our passionate San Jose personal injury attorneys who can advise you on how to hold irresponsible dog owners accountable for the injuries you suffered.









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