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Medical Emergency Results in Fatal San Jose Car Accident

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CA injury lawyerThere are many people who deal daily with the devastating effects of chronic illnesses and diseases. Even if these do not affect someone’s ability to work or enjoy other activities, it can impact their driving skills. Driving with certain types of medical conditions or under the influence of medications can increase the risk of car accidents and injuries. A recent fatal crash in San Jose highlights the potential dangers.

Medical Conditions Caused Fatal Rear End Accident

A rear end collision in Santa Clara claimed the life of a San Jose man. The man was stopped at the intersection of southbound Scott Boulevard at Jay Street just before 9:30 a.m. on a recent Friday morning when he was struck by a driver in a GMC Acadia from behind. The force of the impact caused extensive damage to the victim's vehicle and pushed him into the intersection. While he was taken to a local hospital for treatment, his injuries ended up proving fatal.

The GMC driver and a passenger in the vehicle were taken to a local hospital as well and treated for only minor injuries. Police are still investigating the matter but they claim that an undefined medical emergency suffered by the GMC driver was to blame for the crash.

Medical Conditions that Can Impact Driving Abilities

Even a relatively minor health problem can endanger drivers, their passengers, and others on the road. The most common types of medical conditions which put motorists at risk include:

  • Vision problems: Hereditary issues and problems such as cataracts or macular degeneration can impair your vision to a degree that it is difficult to detect lane markings, traffic signals, and other drivers on the road. Even a bad case of night blindness can put you in danger of car accidents.
  • Seizure disorders: People with epilepsy or other neurological disorders which cause seizures to hit unexpectedly should approach driving with caution and may need to surrender their licenses until their condition is under control.
  • Dementia: Conditions such as Alzheimer's disease and dementia often begin slowly. One of the most common signs is when drivers forget where they are going or how to get home when on the road. As the condition becomes more severe car accident risks increase as well. In addition to underlying illnesses, general cognitive declines associated with the aging process can have a significant impact on driving ability.

Other medical issues which can impact driving ability include arthritis, heart problems, and sleeping disorders. Medications taken for these and other conditions can cause significant impairments and should not be taken before getting behind the wheel.

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