CA injury lawyerAfter sitting in Bay Area traffic during the week, many residents throughout Santa Clara County enjoy going off-road on the weekends and during holidays or vacations. There are numerous places within just a short drive from San Jose where you can buy or rent all-terrain vehicles and enjoy off-road trails. For some, using your own truck, Jeep, or motorcycle may be an option. While off-roading can provide a way to get out in nature and blow off some steam, you need to make safety your primary concern. Recent all-terrain vehicle accidents involving two Bay Area residents emphasize the dangers and the importance of taking some precautions before you go.

ATV Accidents Claim the Lives of Two People from the Bay Area

Located a three hours San Jose, Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area is a popular weekend destination for off-road aficionados throughout the Bay Area. One of the most unique of the state parks, it is known for its expansive sand dunes and also for being one of the few parks that allow off-road driving on the beach.

Unfortunately, a string of ATV accidents recently occurred at the park and claimed the lives of two people from our area. One of the crashes involved a Sacramento man who was riding with a group of friends when he was thrown from his ATV. Investigators believe the incident occurred as the result of sudden braking. It came on the heels of another crash which occurred just the week before. A San Jose woman was riding with assorted friends when she crashed from the top of a 25 to 30-foot dune while going up to 60 miles per hour. The ATV rolled several times on the way down the dune. She was taken to a local hospital but later died as the result of her injuries.

Stay Safe When Going Off-Road

Closer to home, places such as Soledad, Rancho Cordova, and Napa Valley all offer ATV trails and tours. If you plan on going to any ATV park over the summer, make sure to follow these safety tips:

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