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Ongoing Lawsuits Emphasize Need to Be Alert to Age Discrimination in the Workplace

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age discrimination, San Jose employment law attorneys, age discrimination lawsuits, Workplace Discrimination, Workplace Discrimination lawsuitWhile prior work experience and proven years of success in a particular industry looks good on a resume, many companies still prefer employees who are young and can project a youthful appearance. Unfortunately, age discrimination is alive and well, and it is not just small, independent companies engaging in it. Some of the biggest names in corporate America have found themselves at the center of lawsuits. Consider the following subtle signs that age discrimination that may be a problem in your own workplace.

Age Discrimination Lawsuits

An April 2018 report by the Washington Post announced that the National Football League (NFL) was recently named in a federal age discrimination lawsuit, filed by ex-security officials who were replaced during the previous season. A total of nine men in their 60s and 70s filed against the sports giant, claiming they were unfairly replaced by younger workers after a new security chief was installed.

The complaint alleges that the employees named in the suit were replaced despite having excellent credentials and a history of successful employment with the League, with no physical or mental impairments that would have prevented them from performing their jobs. The lawsuit seeks a minimum of $10 million in damages to compensate the men for their lost wages and benefits, along with the mental pain and anguish they suffered as a result.

This case represents just one in a string of age discrimination lawsuits impacting big businesses. Others named over the previous year include the restaurant chain Texas Roadhouse, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Walmart, and Google, which continues to be the subject of ongoing litigation by more than 300 current and former employees.

Subtle Signs of Age Discrimination

The takeaway from the above cases is that age discrimination is likely more common than most people think. While employers may give lip service to hiring and valuing employees who are older and more experienced, the fact is that they may be engaging in practices that violate state and federal laws.

Small Business Trends advises older workers to be alert for subtle signs that could indicate age discrimination is a factor in their workplace:

  • Offering educational and training opportunities to younger workers, while excluding older employees;
  • Confronting issues with sex discrimination in employee handbooks and workshops but failing to address age discrimination;
  • Planning team activities and off hours events that may not be suitable for older adults or those that put them at a disadvantage; and
  • Adopting policies that allow younger workers to work flexible schedules for student classes or to accommodate young children, while failing to acknowledge the family responsibilities older adults bear.

Another common, yet subtle sign of age discrimination is featuring younger workers in the company brand, while older adults are assigned background tasks.

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