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Protect Yourself Against Hit and Run Charges

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San Jose criminal defense attorneys, hit and run accident, car accident injuries, severe criminal penalties, hit and run chargesMotor vehicle accidents can happen when you least expect them. They may be due to reckless driving behaviors on the part of others, such as making sudden stops or failing to yield, or due to your own errors in judgement, such as driving distracted or under the influence. Whatever the cause and circumstances surrounding a crash, it is important to stop immediately at the scene to protect yourself against criminal charges. Hit and run is a serious matter in San Jose and throughout California. In addition to being liable for injuries others suffer as the result of your actions, you could end up facing severe criminal penalties. 

San Jose Driver Charged With Hit and Run after Multi-Vehicle Accident

A recent accident involving a pick up truck along Vine Street in downtown San Jose set off a chain reaction, resulting in serious injuries for several drivers and passengers, along with causing extensive damage to six other vehicles. ABC7 reported on the accident, which occurred just after midnight on June 28, 2018.

Police at the scene stated the driver of the truck responsible for all the damage fled on foot, along with several other passengers who were in the vehicle with him. Authorities did not name the suspect, who was taken to jail and charged with hit and run, but they did state that neither alcohol nor drugs appeared to be a factor in the crash.

Penalties for Hit and Run in California

Under the California Vehicle Code, drivers who are involved in a car accident resulting in injuries, death, or extensive property damages are required to stop immediately at the scene and exchange personal contact, vehicle, and insurance information with other drivers. Those who cause damage to another’s vehicle and leave the scene could face misdemeanor hit and run charges, while those who flee an accident resulting in personal injuries to others could be charged with a felony. Potential penalties include fines of up to $10,000 and a potential one year jail sentence, in addition to the loss of your driving privileges and legal liability for any property damages or injuries that occurred. 

Despite the possibility of penalties and a permanent criminal record, there are certain circumstances which make it more likely for a driver to attempt to flee the scene of an accident. These include:

  • Not having a license or the required minimum insurance coverage;
  • Being under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or medications;
  • Operating a vehicle without the consent of the owner; and
  • Having prior, outstanding criminal charges or an arrest warrant against you.

Regardless of the reasons, leaving the scene of an accident only makes matters worse. To protect yourself in any resulting court proceedings, you will need an experienced criminal defense attorney working on your side, helping to protect your rights and avoid a criminal conviction.

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