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Protests Continue in Bay Area, San Jose at Center of New Controversy

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San Jose personal injury attorneys, San Jose protests,  Trump supporters, protest violence, San Jose PoliceThe Bay area is one of the most progressive places along the West Coast, with residents who do not hesitate to make their voices heard on a variety of issues. While peaceful protest has helped bring about needed changes, recent events focusing on issues related to the current administration have become increasingly violent, resulting in personal injuries among activists on both sides of debates.

The San Jose Police are at the center of a controversy that began more than two years ago, at a local convention prior to when the current administration took office. A lawsuit against the SJPD alleges that rather than uphold their duty to protect and serve, officers actually contributed to a confrontation that left several Trump supporters suffering serious injuries.

SJPD Sued by Trump Supporters

While many citizens are shocked and discouraged at the level of violence and protest over the policies and practices under the current presidential administration, conflicts have been steadily growing since 2016. It was that year that then-presidential nominee Donald Trump visited the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose for a campaign rally, drawing hundreds of supporters.

According to Reason.com, the event also drew equal numbers of protestors, and the San Jose Police Department (SJPD) were on hand to help maintain the peace. The crowd inevitably became unruly, and several Trump supporters claimed to be injured as the result. In the weeks after, they filed a lawsuit against the SJPD. They allege that, in the aftermath of the convention, officers forced them into an angry mob of counter protestors and actively prevented them from reaching safety. Their complaint alleged that in addition to leaving them with personal injuries, these actions violated their First Amendment Rights to freedom of assembly under the U.S. Constitution.

The case lingered as attorneys for the SJPD argued that the officers were only following orders in what was no doubt a chaotic scene, and their failure to protect the plaintiffs against injuries did not constitute a rights violation. In late July 2018, the Ninth Circuit upheld the plaintiffs right to sue the city and ordered the injury lawsuit to proceed to trial.

Officers Increasingly Targeted By Lawsuits

Similar events have occurred along the West Coast, although those who suffer injuries and civil rights violations are often among the ranks of counter protestors. In early July 2018, a week long encampment protesting local ICE offices was forcefully dispersed by law enforcement officials, who protestors claimed used excessive force that resulted in several personal injuries. According to the local CBS affiliate, a police spokesperson defended the actions, stating that while more than three dozen people were arrested, officers simply acted in the interest of maintaining public safety.

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