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Roads Throughout San Jose and Bay Area Named Among the Worst in State

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San Jose dangerous road car accident attorneyMotor vehicle accidents are complex events. While reckless driving behaviors such as speeding, distracted driving, and driving under the influence are among the leading causes of car crashes and injuries, there are often multiple factors that contribute to a collision. Heavy traffic and roadway conditions can make car accidents more likely to occur, and they can lead to an increase in the number of vehicles involved. According to a recently released traffic safety report, San Jose, and the Bay Area in general, have some of the worst roads in the state when it comes to these types of conditions. 

Rating San Jose Roads

An August 2018 report in the Mountain View Voice confirmed what most drivers in our area already knew--that the San Francisco Bay Area has some of the worst roads in the state when it comes to congestion and increased car accident risks. If you spread out routine repairs and the average amount of expenses associated with a collision, these issues cost each driver in the area close to $3,000 per year, almost double other locations in the state. 

The report is based on studies released in August by TRIP, a national transportation research group based in Washington, DC. The study shows that San Jose roads are particularly bad, with vehicle expenses due to dangerous road conditions costing each local driver, on average, more than $2,700 annually. Based on TRIP assessments, roughly 82 percent of the roads in San Jose are in poor or mediocre condition. This puts additional strain on drivers and their cars, resulting in faster vehicle depreciation, greater fuel consumption, and increased car accident risks. 

How Road Conditions Contribute to Car Accidents

TRIP cites statistics showing that an average of 126 people are killed each year in San Jose as the result of car accidents. Three main factors in these accidents are reckless driving behaviors, vehicle characteristics, and roadway features. Road conditions that can impact vehicle safety include: 

  • The number of lanes and their width
  • Lane markings and lighting devices
  • Rumble strips, road shoulders, and guardrails
  • Intersection design and traffic signals

TRIP advises that both the number of car accidents and their severity can be reduced by making routine road improvements. This includes adding turning lanes, removing roadway obstacles, widening and paving shoulders, installing and upgrading traffic signals, and improving intersection layouts. 

Making timely roadway repairs and providing routine maintenance helps protect motorists. While cities often claim to lack the money needed to make such as improvements, TRIP claims that for every dollar deferred, it costs between $4 and $5 in future repairs. This is in addition to the toll on drivers when it comes to the costs of vehicle maintenance and collisions.    

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