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San Jose Hit and Run Raises Questions About Catching At-Fault Drivers

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San Jose pedestrian accident lawyer hit and run

Pedestrian accidents are unfortunately common in San Jose, leaving victims with potentially serious personal injuries. The trauma that victims and their families suffer is made even worse when the driver responsible flees the scene. A recent hit and run in San Jose involving two children highlights the dangers victims of these accidents face and raises questions regarding how these drivers can be held accountable. 

Hit and Run Accident in San Jose Injures Two Children

A Labor Day pedestrian accident in San Jose that injured two children has police reaching out to the public in an attempt to identify the driver involved. According to NBC Bay Area News, the accident occurred in the afternoon hours of September 3, 2018, at the intersection of Cottle Road and El Molino Way. Witnesses state that the driver of a white, four-door Honda Civic did not stop at a traffic sign before entering the intersection, where he struck a 12-year-old girl and a 13-year-old boy who were riding their bikes. Rather than stopping to check on the victims, the driver fled the scene. Fortunately, both children were wearing bicycle helmets at the time of the accident and are expected to make a complete recovery from their injuries.

Catching Hit and Run Drivers

According to the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS), more than 350 pedestrian accidents occur in San Jose each year. Drivers who flee the scene of these accidents are often eventually caught and face serious criminal charges, in addition to the legal liability they face for the victims’ medical expenses and other costs. Hit and run drivers are often motivated by panic or fear and may be operating a vehicle under the influence, driving without insurance or a license, or engaged in other illegal activity. 

The public plays a major role in helping to catch hit and run drivers. Police generally issue alerts regarding these accidents via the local news, taking care to inform local body shops in the event the driver tries to get the damages repaired. Steps you can take to protect yourself or those you love when a hit and run accident occurs include: 

  • Get as much information about the vehicle involved as possible, such as the license plate number and the vehicle make, model, and color, along with a description of the driver. 
  • Notify the police and get an accident report, which should include the names and contact information for any witnesses at the scene.
  • Make note of exactly where and when the accident occurred, so that any video camera evidence from nearby stores or traffic signals can be retrieved. 

Let Us Help You Today

Even a seemingly minor hit and run accident can leave you with injuries that have a major impact on you and your family both now and in the years to come. For help in identifying at fault drivers so that they may be held accountable, contact the dedicated San Jose car accident attorneys of Jachimowicz Law Group. Call our office at 408-246-5500 to request a free consultation. 









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