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San Jose Car Accident Raises Concerns: What Causes a Vehicle to Catch Fire?

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car fires, San Jose car accident, faulty products, San Jose car accident and personal injury attorneys, pile up accidentIt is a common image in action movies and on television shows: a car accident occurs and as the occupants are moving away from the scene, an explosion suddenly erupts and the car is set ablaze. In real life, a similar incident recently occurred in San Jose. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries reported; however, it did create a mess and tied up traffic on Highway 101 for hours. How often do car fires occur, and should you be concerned?

Car Bursts into Flames After Accident in San Jose

With winding roads and often heavy traffic conditions, accidents on Highway 101 in San Jose are unfortunately common. A collision, which occurred in late July on this busy stretch of road, left many concerned about the underlying causes in its wake. NBC Bay Area News reports that a pile up accident during the evening commute on July 26, 2018 took a surprising turn when one of the cars involved burst into flames.

The incident happened in the southbound lanes, near Brokaw Road in San Jose. California Highway Patrol (CHP) states that an identified vehicle lost control and overturned, landing along the side of the road before erupting into flames. Fortunately, the driver of the vehicle and others involved were able to escape the scene with only minor injuries. Three lanes were blocked, thus tying up traffic for several hours as fire rescue crews struggled to extinguish the flames.

Five Common Reasons for Car Fires

CHP has yet to release additional details about the accident or how the fire occurred; still, the accident does raise serious concerns about the likelihood of such an incident. According to automotive experts at Car Throttle, car fires are not particularly common; however, they can be extremely dangerous. Therefore, it is important for drivers to be aware of how and why they often occur:

  1. Car Accidents: In traffic collisions, spilled motor oil, gas, and other liquids can easily ignite as the result of contact with hot metal surfaces and engine parts, or due to sparks from electrical wiring.

  2. Improper Maintenance: Frayed belts or wiring, fluid leaks, and problems with electrical systems can eventually cause fires within the engine, which spread to other parts of the vehicle.

  3. Aftermarket Accessories: Improper installation, faulty products, or having too many aftermarket installations can all cause overloaded fuses, which may result in a fire.

  4. Car Batteries: Worn battery wiring, missing insulation, and improper jumper cable placement present fire risks.

  5. Overheated Catalytic Converters: Problems with the emissions system can cause high temperatures which do damage and can cause the catalytic converter to burst into flames.

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