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CA injury lawyerThere are many people who deal daily with the devastating effects of chronic illnesses and diseases. Even if these do not affect someone’s ability to work or enjoy other activities, it can impact their driving skills. Driving with certain types of medical conditions or under the influence of medications can increase the risk of car accidents and injuries. A recent fatal crash in San Jose highlights the potential dangers.

Medical Conditions Caused Fatal Rear End Accident

A rear end collision in Santa Clara claimed the life of a San Jose man. The man was stopped at the intersection of southbound Scott Boulevard at Jay Street just before 9:30 a.m. on a recent Friday morning when he was struck by a driver in a GMC Acadia from behind. The force of the impact caused extensive damage to the victim's vehicle and pushed him into the intersection. While he was taken to a local hospital for treatment, his injuries ended up proving fatal.

The GMC driver and a passenger in the vehicle were taken to a local hospital as well and treated for only minor injuries. Police are still investigating the matter but they claim that an undefined medical emergency suffered by the GMC driver was to blame for the crash.


CA injury lawyerAs self-driving vehicles become more commonplace, researchers, designers, manufacturers, and others in the automotive field continue to conduct safety testing while working towards practical innovations. The primary concern is reducing the potential for malfunctions that could result in car accidents and injuries. While one company points out the fallibility of autopilot features, another group of engineers is busy working on protecting riders who find themselves in trouble while on the road.

Researchers Set Out to Trick Tesla Autopilot Features

Tesla is at the forefront of the push towards self-driving vehicles. The company’s Enhanced Autopilot program has been heralded by those in the industry for driver assist features such as adaptive cruise control, lane centering, lane changing, and parking. However, a group of researchers recently set out to purposely ‘trick’ the Tesla into making what could be potentially fatal errors for riders in the vehicle.

Keen Security Labs revealed it was able to hack into Tesla’s autopilot feature and effectively gain control over the steering system. As a result, they could mislead the vehicle into entering the wrong lanes of traffic through the use of stickers placed on the ground at intersections. This fooled the Enhanced Autopilot system into thinking the stickers were actually an extension of the lane.


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CA injury lawyerMost of us have older adults in our lives who are either friends or family members. While many of them are still independent despite advanced years, it is natural to worry about their health and their overall safety. They are likely to require at least some assistance in completing certain types of tasks, though they may be reluctant to admit it or to ask for it. Getting to and from doctor’s appointments or running errands are among the many areas in which you can help. Driving requires a complex set of skills and as you get older, many of these tend to decline. Helping with these tasks can protect the older adults you love against car accidents and injuries, while also protecting other drivers on the road.

How Old Is Too Old to Drive?

There is no set age at which someone is ‘too old’ to drive. Instead, driving ability typically depends more on the individual’s overall health, any underlying medical conditions they suffer from, and the various mind and body changes that typically occur as we age. Common dangers that can put older drivers at risk behind the wheel include:

  • Certain types of medications they may be taking, which can cause drowsiness or confusion;
  • Vision disturbances, which can affect their depth perception and make it harder to see the road;
  • Hearing loss, which can leave them oblivious to signs of an impending crash, such as the sound of a car horn or screeching tires;
  • Delayed reaction times, which can prevent them from responding to sudden changes in traffic conditions;
  • Muscle weakness and poor coordination, which can make it harder to turn the steering wheel and operate the brakes; and
  • Decreased cognitive abilities, which can impact judgment, increasing the risk of mistakes resulting in car accidents.

Helping Older Drivers

If you have concerns about an older adult driver, it is important to bring the subject up in a way that is non-threatening. Be cautious of putting them on the defensive or implying they are no longer fit to drive. Instead, steer them toward the AAA’s driver self-rating tool and allow them to draw their own conclusions.


CA injury lawyerElectric scooters have many devoted fans throughout the Bay Area. People of all ages appreciate them as a convenient and cost-effective way to get around town, eliminating the need to take the bus or to deal with the hassle of driving, which includes sitting in traffic, wasting gas, and driving around endlessly looking for a parking space. However, with increases in both the number and severity of personal injuries associated with scooter accidents and the hassle of having riders abandon them on sidewalks and in other places, the number of places putting scooter bans into effect are increasing as well.

Electric Scooters Banned at San Jose State

While electric scooters may be convenient and fun to ride, some places are saying they are just not worth the hassle. San Jose State University put a scooter ban in place after receiving numerous complaints about users riding them improperly and parking them in potentially dangerous locations, such as in front of doorways or in the middle of sidewalks and bike paths. Electric scooters are now completely prohibited anywhere on school grounds and SJSU officials took the drastic step of collecting every scooter it had on campus, locking them in a warehouse, and telling the scooter companies to come get them.

During the same week the ban took effect, a scooter accident near campus seemed to illustrate the point. The collision involved a person who was hit by a Tesla Model S after driving a Lime scooter the wrong way in a bike lane. The unidentified scooter rider was taken to a local hospital, where he was treated for non-life threatening injuries.


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CA injury lawyerInterstates and highways intimidate many drivers. Between widespread lanes, multiple exit and entrance ramps, and the high rates of speed at which drivers are traveling, these are common areas for car accidents to occur and the injuries that result can be severe. Of these types of crashes, wrong way collisions are among the most potentially deadly. A recent wrong-way crash in San Francisco that left two people dead and nine others injured highlights how dangerous these accidents are and how they often occur.

San Jose Driver Responsible for Wrong-Way Crash

Recently, a tragic three-car collision on Highway 101 closed all northbound lanes. The accident occurred at roughly 2:30 a.m. when investigators believe a 21-year-old San Jose woman entered the highway going the wrong way from the Vermont Street off-ramp. As she headed southbound in the northbound lanes, she struck an Uber van driven by a 40-year-old man.

The 40-year-old man was an Afghan immigrant who had relocated to the area due to safety concerns regarding work he did with the U.S. Army in Afghanistan over the course of 2015. He was driving for Uber full time as he attended computer science classes at Diablo Valley College. Both drivers were killed immediately as a result of the accident. Six passengers in the van of the Uber driving and three other motorists involved in the crash all suffered serious injuries.







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