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CA injury lawyerSummertime is typically when people head out on the road for day trips, long weekends, and extended vacations. It is also the time of year when car accidents and injuries are most likely to occur. A nationwide program known as ‘The 100 Deadliest Days’ aims at raising awareness of dangerous driving behaviors among teens, but it also offers tips adult drivers need to follow to protect themselves and others on the road.

Summer Among Most Dangerous Time of Year for Car Accidents

Summer is one of the most dangerous times of year in terms of serious and potentially life-threatening car accidents. Each year, thousands of people are killed between Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend. Part of the problem is in the general increase in motorists. In addition to people traveling on outings and vacations, with school being out for the season there are also more inexperienced teenage drivers on the road.

Anytime there is an increase in traffic, the odds for potentially fatal car accident injuries are higher as well. More cars mean more chances for collisions and greater impacts. Among the most common types of behaviors that contribute to car crashes at this time of year include:


CA injury lawyerDespite tougher legislation and the increased efforts of law enforcement officials, distracted driving car accidents continue to wreak havoc on the roads throughout our area. These accidents can cause serious and potentially life threatening injuries for both drivers and passengers, injuries that were otherwise entirely avoidable. San Jose officials continue to be involved in statewide efforts to raise public awareness and by sharing the tragic tale of the loss of his daughter, a local fire captain hopes that he can get motorists to pay attention.

To Raise Awareness, Fire Captain Shares Details of Daughter’s Death

The Captain of the San Jose Fire Department suffered a devastating loss four years on Mother’s Day weekend when his daughter was tragically killed as the result of a distracted driving accident. The still-grieving father now shares his story in the hopes that it will raise awareness and can help save other lives.

Through a California Highway Patrol program titled ‘Impact Teen Drivers’, the captain shares the sad details of the night his 16-year-old daughter was killed. He said she was with a group of friends who were usually chauffeured by a parent, but no one was available that evening to take the girls where they wanted to go. One of the girls was a licensed driver, so with their parent’s permission, they headed out in search of fun on a Saturday evening. It was just a week before the captain’s daughter was set to graduate from her learner’s permit and obtain her own license. Her father had even worked with her in driver training and safety earlier that day.


California accident attorney, California injury lawyerThe term defensive driving is used to stress the importance of awareness on the roadways, and the practice is encouraged via defensive driving courses, which are offered regularly from county to county and state to state. Being observant of our driving environment and remaining cautious of the drivers around us are key practices in preventing car accident and injury. While we do not have the power to prevent every collision that comes our way, we can make the choice to drive on the defense and train ourselves to catch potentially dangerous situations on the road before they have the chance to result in serious accident and injury.

What to Look for as a Defensive Driver

As you make the effort to drive defensively, there are a number of scenarios to watch for as you operate your vehicle. You should continually take into account the weather and the conditions of the roads you are traveling, as well as changes in traffic patterns or any emerging construction work zone areas. One of the most significant, ongoing problems to be vigilant of is distracted driving. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that there are 1,161 injuries and at least 8 deaths each day due to distracted drivers. Any of the following observations are immediate red flags that you are encountering a driver who is not paying attention to the road:


California injury lawyer, California accident attorneyA future release of the operating system that runs on iPhones will feature a “Do Not Disturb While Driving” function. This feature will stop drivers from being able to access texts and many apps on smartphones.

The new feature is designed to reduce the number of motor vehicle accidents caused by distracted driving. The new function will be rolled out in Apple's iOS 11.

How Will the New Function Work?







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