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San Jose, CA gun chrage lawyerFor the past couple of years, gun laws have been a much-favored topic of discussion among politicians, scholars and the general public. Some people think that gun laws should be strengthened, and others think the current gun laws violate the Second Amendment, which gives us the right to bear arms. California, a historically Democratic state, has passed several new gun laws that will go into effect in 2019. 

AB 2103: Firearm Training for Concealed Carry

This gun law puts new training requirements for those who want to obtain a concealed carry license. Currently, the laws say that the training course must not exceed 16 hours and must cover firearm safety and permissible use of a firearm. Under the new law, the training must be at least 8 hours, but no more than 16 hours long. The course must also include firearm handling and shooting techniques. Applicants will also be required to demonstrate the shooting proficiency and ability to safely handle a gun.

AB 1968: Mental Health and Firearm Ownership

This law puts a lifetime ban on gun ownership for people who have been involuntarily admitted to a mental institution more than once within a one-year period because they were deemed to be a threat to themselves or others. This law goes into effect at the end of 2019 and will also allow those who do not qualify for this reason to appeal the decision every five years.


San Jose domestic abuse defense attorneys, violent crimes, threatening your spouse, domestic violence, spousal abuseRegrettably, fights between spouses or those who live in the same residence can get out of hand, resulting in threats and acts of physical violence. In these situations, depending on the circumstances and statements from those at the scene, you could find yourself facing potentially serious penalties under California domestic violence laws. At Jachimowicz Law Group, we provide a strong legal defense when you are accused of these types of violent crimes. Known as wobblers, these can be charged as either a felony or misdemeanor and involve potentially heavy fines and lengthy jail sentence, even if the altercation involved threats, and no physical act of violence ever occurred.

Domestic Violence in California

The California Courts advise that domestic violence is that which occurs between married couples and intimate parties who are dating, either currently or previously resided in the same home, or have a child together. In can also occur among other family members, related either by blood or marriage. Abuse involves more than just hitting, punching, or otherwise physically attacking your partner. It may include:


restraining orders, domestic violence, San Jose restraining order defense lawyers, temporary restraining order, criminal defense attorneyNowadays restraining orders are quite common. In fact, one source notes that on any given day there are approximately 1.2 million domestic violence restraining orders in effect across the United States. However, the knowledge that restraining orders are commonplace likely provides little comfort when one is issued against you personally.

What might help is getting some of your questions answered. Therefore, if a California restraining order has been issued against you we recommend that you first read through the frequently asked questions that have been answered below and then ask a local criminal defense attorney any case specific questions that you might have.

Q: What is a restraining order?







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