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CA wage lawyerFor employers, cutting costs is just one of several methods for increasing profits. However, when these cuts come at the expense of employees and involve denying them the wages they are entitled to, business owners can find themselves facing criminal charges, as well as civil penalties. Wage theft claims are a serious matter in San Jose and one that state officials relentlessly pursue. A recent case involving a popular and longtime local restaurant shows how employers can be held accountable for the losses they cause their workers to incur.

San Jose Burrito Chain Liable for Back Wages

In 2017, local workers began lodging complaints with state officials regarding unfair wage practices on the part of the Burrito Factor. The local chain restaurant has been in business for more than 20 years, with four locations throughout the San Jose area. The case has finally been resolved and the company has agreed to pay a $1 million settlement, which will be spread among more than 200 impacted employees.

The original complaint was based on allegations that the business owners paid the workers less than minimum wage. The California Labor Commissioner’s Office eventually found that, in addition to wage theft, the Burrito Factory was engaged in other types of behaviors which violated the state’s labor laws:


CA employment lawyerFor job seekers, figuring out what a hiring manager wants from you can prove challenging. Rather than being specific, employers often rely on the use of jargon. Qualities such as being an ‘independent thinker’, a ‘multitasker’, or being ‘career-oriented’ are used frequently in employment ads, as well as in actual job descriptions. Confusion over how these types of terms manifest on the job site can open the door for employment disputes. A report indicates that the use of employment-related jargon is more prevalent in the Bay area than in other places. The following sheds light on what some of these terms actually imply and how they can affect your rights as a worker

Study Shows Jargon Common in Bay Area Job Ads

A British job posting aggregator recently surveyed the types of phrases and keywords that are commonly used by employers when posting help wanted ads. What they found was that American companies are more likely to use trendy terms or buzzwords to describe the qualities they want in employees, rather than actual job skills.

The survey showed that this practice is particularly common in California, especially in the Bay Area. Employers here are roughly five times more likely to use jargon when describing a position than they are in other areas. Common examples include:


CA employment lawyerIn the tech business, being employed by industry giants often means getting the opportunity to perform meaningful work, at a decent rate of pay, and with plenty of workplace perks. However, it does not necessarily mean job security or protection from the types of layoffs that happen in other types of business industries. Silicon Valley companies have announced employee cutbacks over the past year that have left hundreds of people in our area searching for new positions. As Bay area employment law attorneys, we want you to be aware of your rights and the steps you need to take if you lose your job.

In San Jose, eBay Job Cuts Impact Local Residents

eBay recently announced a reorganization of the company, resulting in layoffs for more than 100 workers from the Bay area. The majority of those impacted are from the company’s newest location on North First Street and from the San Jose headquarters.

The layoffs are part of a larger consolidation, which eBay executives claims is geared towards allowing it to maintain maximum focus on the company’s global market. Those impacted include eBay directors, managers, data scientists, and software engineers, as well as several members of legal counsel.


CA employment lawyerManagers and fellow employees at a Rotten Robbie’s in Santa Clara were recently shocked when an assistant supervisor went on a rampage and set his Cupertino workplace on fire. He also went to another gas station owned by the company in Santa Clara and shooting, before being fatally shot himself by police. In the aftermath, some who knew him claimed he was upset over personal and work issues, but few would have expected him to act out in this manner. It raises concerns about the very real threat of workplace violence and how coworkers and managers alike need to handle the situation.

Disgruntled Workers Goes On Rampage

A 55-year-old San Jose resident was identified as the man who went on the rampage at Rotten Robbie’s, terrorizing fellow workers and causing significant amounts of property damage. Miraculously, no one was hurt when he first set fire to the gas station located on Stevens Creek Boulevard in Cupertino at roughly 5:00 a.m. that morning, nor were there any injuries when he opened fire at a second location on Lafayette Street in Santa Clara just an hour later.

While the man was armed with a 12-gauge shotgun, 9 mm semiautomatic pistol, and plenty of immunization, he was stopped by officers soon after the shooting had broken out. Four officers were involved in the shooting and reports indicate he shot at them before they returned fire. Investigators state that the man had no prior criminal record in Santa Clara County. While his employers claim he seemed content with his job, police say he must have been holding some significant resentment against the company to have lashed out at two different locations.







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