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CA injury lawyerFor most parents, helping their teenager get a driver’s license is a major rite of passage. The ability to drive themselves places eliminates the need for mom and dad to act as chauffeur and opens doors for jobs, school-related events, and other opportunities. However, simply passing their exam does not guarantee that your son or daughter will be a safe driver. Teens face significant risks for car accidents and injuries. Particularly during the spring and summer months, when more teens are likely to be on the roads, it is important to discuss with them the dangers they could face.

Teen Car Accidents in California

While teenagers may be legally licensed to operate a motor vehicle, they generally lack the experience and maturity that older drivers possess. As a result, their risks for car accidents and injuries is significantly higher. According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), teens are three times more likely to be involved in a crash or collision than drivers in other age groups. Among the various factors that contribute to teen car accidents include:

  • Inability to detect common hazards: As a result of their age and inexperience, they are more likely to ignore common hazards such as heavy traffic, adverse weather, and dangerous road conditions.
  • Poor judgment: A lack of judgment and foresight in considering the consequences of their actions can cause them to engage in dangerous driving behaviors. This includes racing other vehicles, a common problem in San Jose.
  • Increased risk of distraction: Teenagers are easily distracted by the outside environment (other cars and scenery) as well as things going on in the vehicle. Talking on cell phones, taking photos, changing radio stations, and even talking to other passengers all increase car accident risks.
  • Lack of skill: Due to their lack of experience behind the wheel, teens do not always respond properly to emergency situations. Sudden stops, sharp turns in the road, and unexpected events can all present significant dangers.

Teaching Teens to Be Responsible Drivers

Aside from inexperience, the DMV reports that reckless driving behaviors are a major contributing factor in the majority of teen car accidents. Among the most common violations include:


CA injury lawyerDespite tougher legislation and the increased efforts of law enforcement officials, distracted driving car accidents continue to wreak havoc on the roads throughout our area. These accidents can cause serious and potentially life threatening injuries for both drivers and passengers, injuries that were otherwise entirely avoidable. San Jose officials continue to be involved in statewide efforts to raise public awareness and by sharing the tragic tale of the loss of his daughter, a local fire captain hopes that he can get motorists to pay attention.

To Raise Awareness, Fire Captain Shares Details of Daughter’s Death

The Captain of the San Jose Fire Department suffered a devastating loss four years on Mother’s Day weekend when his daughter was tragically killed as the result of a distracted driving accident. The still-grieving father now shares his story in the hopes that it will raise awareness and can help save other lives.

Through a California Highway Patrol program titled ‘Impact Teen Drivers’, the captain shares the sad details of the night his 16-year-old daughter was killed. He said she was with a group of friends who were usually chauffeured by a parent, but no one was available that evening to take the girls where they wanted to go. One of the girls was a licensed driver, so with their parent’s permission, they headed out in search of fun on a Saturday evening. It was just a week before the captain’s daughter was set to graduate from her learner’s permit and obtain her own license. Her father had even worked with her in driver training and safety earlier that day.







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