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San Jose, CA criminal defense attorneyFacing any type of criminal charges in San Jose is a serious matter. With the potential for heavy fines and jail time, you need an experienced San Jose, CA criminal defense attorney on your side. In an effort to put a dent in the high crime rates experienced throughout the area, law enforcement officials are increasingly focused on apprehending offenders, while prosecuting attorneys are aggressive in making charges stick. 

Local business and property owners have also gotten involved and are becoming more vigilant both in reporting crimes and making an effort to identify suspects. Video recordings are being used more regularly and can end up providing damaging evidence in your criminal court case. 

San Jose Merchants Use Video Recordings To Help Curb Crime In Area 

The San Jose area has been plagued by increasing crime rates, and local merchants took a drastic stand recently in calling attention to the problem. A November 2018 NBC Bay Area report states that after a year of dealing with problems such as prostitution, drug dealing, and assaults in front of their establishments, merchants on Monterey Highway released surveillance videos taken on their property to the press. Contained within the videos includes evidence of the following: 


San Jose CA theft charges attorneyThere are many times in which certain words can be interchanged and used in place of one another. When you are dealing with the law, it is crucial that wording is precise, so as to avoid as much confusion as possible. While you are pretty much able to use theft, robbery and burglary in the same context in normal conversation, they mean three very different things when you are speaking in the context of the law. They are separate charges that each come with their own punishments. If you have been charged with theft, robbery or burglary, it is important to know what exactly you have been charged with and the consequences for that charge.


Two terms that are interchangeable in California law are theft and larceny. California law states that larceny occurs when a person takes, steals, carries, leads or drives away the personal property of another person. There are many ins and outs of theft in California -- the punishments vary greatly depending on the type of objects that were taken and the value of those objects. Typically, grand theft can carry a prison sentence of up to a year and a monetary fine. Petty theft can carry a $1,000 fine, six months in county jail or both.


According to California law, theft is defined as the felonious taking of personal property that is in possession of another person and in his immediate presence, accomplished by means of force or fear. Fear can mean the fear of unlawful injury to the person who is robbed, relatives or family members of that person, or anyone in that person’s company. Punishment for robbery can vary. If the person robbed a dwelling alongside two or more other people, they could be looking at three, six or nine years in the state prison. In cases other than that, a person who commits robbery will be facing three, four or six years in state prison.


petty theft crimes, San Jose criminal defense attorneys, stolen property, theft crimes, minor criminal chargesWhen you think of theft crimes, you may envision a hardened criminal or a slick grifter who eyes up his or her prey before making off with money, cars, jewelry, or other valuable assets. While these types of cases often make headlines, petty theft crimes often go unnoticed. Unfortunately, even a minor incident can draw lots of negative attention, depending on your career or your reputation within the community.

A recent case involving a local newscaster covering an NBA game highlights the controversy even a seemingly minor crime can cause, particularly if you are in the public eye.

Bay Area Newscaster Faces Hot Water After Taking Team Jacket







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