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Tragic Lives Of Sex Abuse Victims

Posted on in Criminal Defense

In my opinion sexual abuse is the most treacherous thing that could possibly happen to a person. I have known many people who have been victims as have myself. I was in an abusive relationship with experiences that are unspeakable. You can talk about the hitting and the name calling, but the line stops at the sexual abuse. Nobody knows about it. People can see the bruises from domestic violence. They can hear the horrible things that are said. The abuse of a sexual nature is by far more traumatic and most of the time is kept to yourself. You don't want anyone to know about it, thus damaging your self esteem as you keep your well harbored secret.

The problem with sex offenders is that it is hard to tell them apart from the crowd. They could be your neighbor mowing the lawn, your uncle, or your best friends parents. There is absolutely no way of telling. I met mine at a casual restaurant, and I can tell you my life has never been the same since. I will never understand what made his mind work in the manner that it did, I just know it didn't work like everyone else's. The pain that he caused me was real and not even comparable to child birth. It's not even comparable to the many times my head was beat in the wall.

I often sit back and wonder what my life woyld be like had I never met him. He was probably the most despicable person I have ever met. While I know there are far worse people out in the world, it is hard to imagine them. It is hard to envision a situation as terrible since I am personally attached. I guess every victim holds in esteem their own pain as surreal experiences.

Living with the pain is hard and often times causes horrible PTSD flashbacks. Sometimes as you are doing everyday things, you remember a time when you were being abused. Something will trigger a memory and solidify the pain again. It could be a smell, a word, a sound, everything tends to remind you of the surreal experience you would much rather forget.

Everytime I take a shower, I praise now that he is not there. Everytime I cook, I am happy that I can cook whatever I want. More importantly when I go to sleep at night, I am ecstatic that I never have to sleep next to him. As happy as I am that he is no longer here, I am aware that there were many years taken from me that I will never get back. I feel like my past was stolen from me, but fortunately I see the future in a new light.

Being a sex abuse victim doesn't have to own you. There is light in the darkness of evil. Fortunately justice can prevail in most cases to help the wounds completely heal. I can not speak for everyone, just for myself. I am glad that my abuser is no longer here. People like that will never change, but they definitely need to be rwmoved from society.






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