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When Is The Right Time to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

Posted on in Criminal Defense

A criminal defense attorney can seriously help someone who is facing multiple felonies or even someone who is up against a single misdemeanor. Attorneys will make it easier for a defendant to deal with their legal situation because they know the ins and outs of the law and will be able to provide their expert assistance and opinions on a defendant's situation. However, there are some instances when hiring a lawyer is definitely reasonable and some when there is no need to.

When Is Hiring a Lawyer Definitely Necessary?

One of the main situations where hiring a lawyer is absolutely critical is when a defendant is facing one or more felony charges. Even if the charge is a relatively "minor" felony, such as a drug possession charge, a lawyer should still be consulted to help someone get the best results when facing a judge. In some cases, mandatory plea bargains are offered by a state prosecutor in order to make the courtroom flow faster. Someone who doesn't know much about the legal system may simply accept a plea bargain and stain their record with a felony, but this is absolutely not necessary.

A lawyer can examine someone's case and potentially get the felony charges reduced to misdemeanors, or they may also be able to get the charges thrown out entirely. For example, if someone was stopped for a tail light being out and was charged with drug possession during that stop, a lawyer can potentially get someone's charges thrown out if there was no mention of probable cause to search the vehicle in the police report.

When Is Hiring a Lawyer Not Necessary?

In truth, a lawyer can help with any legal situation someone is facing in the courtroom; this could be anything from a speeding ticket to a first-degree felony. However, sometimes it's unnecessary to spend the money on a lawyer if a defendant knows the evidence in their case is completely irrefutable. Even still, though, a lawyer could help someone's case. For example, if someone has been charged with dealing in stolen property because they were trying to pawn something that was reported stolen and used their name, were caught on video camera, and admitted to the crime, they can still hire a lawyer to try to get leniency from the judge. A lawyer can speak on a defendant's behalf and address aspects of their life that may help to sway a judge into giving someone six months of probation rather than two years or even county jail time. If a lawyer can show a judge that a defendant is an upstanding member of the community and simply made a bad decision one time, a judge is likely to cut that person some slack. Someone without a lawyer, though, may end up taking a standard plea bargain and end up dealing with years of probation when they could have had better case results by hiring an attorney.

If you have found yourself facing any type of criminal charge, contact us to find out what the best course of action would be in your situation. There's no need to feel scared after being arrested because there are legal professionals who can make even the worst situations easier to deal with.






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