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San Jose criminal defense attorneys, San Jose arrest,  misdemeanor charges,  felony crime allegations, San Jose criminal chargesYou may think of getting arrested as something that only happens to serious offenders or to those who live a life of crime. However, thousands of otherwise hardworking, honest people in our area end up behind bars each year. Whether you are detained for only a few hours or for several days, any amount of time spent in jail can be a traumatic experience.

What you say and do during this time can have a major impact on the likelihood of a conviction, which is why you need to get an experienced San Jose criminal defense attorney on your side right away. We can guide you through the legal process while ensuring your rights are protected. 

The Odds of Getting Arrested in San Jose


San Jose personal injury attorneys, San Jose protests,  Trump supporters, protest violence, San Jose PoliceThe Bay area is one of the most progressive places along the West Coast, with residents who do not hesitate to make their voices heard on a variety of issues. While peaceful protest has helped bring about needed changes, recent events focusing on issues related to the current administration have become increasingly violent, resulting in personal injuries among activists on both sides of debates.

The San Jose Police are at the center of a controversy that began more than two years ago, at a local convention prior to when the current administration took office. A lawsuit against the SJPD alleges that rather than uphold their duty to protect and serve, officers actually contributed to a confrontation that left several Trump supporters suffering serious injuries.

SJPD Sued by Trump Supporters


car fires, San Jose car accident, faulty products, San Jose car accident and personal injury attorneys, pile up accidentIt is a common image in action movies and on television shows: a car accident occurs and as the occupants are moving away from the scene, an explosion suddenly erupts and the car is set ablaze. In real life, a similar incident recently occurred in San Jose. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries reported; however, it did create a mess and tied up traffic on Highway 101 for hours. How often do car fires occur, and should you be concerned?

Car Bursts into Flames After Accident in San Jose

With winding roads and often heavy traffic conditions, accidents on Highway 101 in San Jose are unfortunately common. A collision, which occurred in late July on this busy stretch of road, left many concerned about the underlying causes in its wake. NBC Bay Area News reports that a pile up accident during the evening commute on July 26, 2018 took a surprising turn when one of the cars involved burst into flames.


charged with murder, San Jose criminal defense attorneys, manslaughter charges, purse snatching, facing criminal chargesWhen a crime is committed, innocent people can get hurt. A recent case in the Bay area involves a man who committed a purse snatching. An otherwise minor crime in which he likely would have faced minimal time in jail became far more serious when the victim fell and died as a result of the incident. Charged with murder, the man now faces a potential life sentence, though an experienced criminal defense attorney may argue that the crime itself amounts to a case of involuntary manslaughter.

East Bay Man Accused of Murder in Death of 93-Year-Old Victim

In mid-July, 2018, the NBC Bay Area News reported on the tragic death of an elderly woman, due to a fall that occurred during a purse snatching. The victim, a 93-year-old woman, was walking into a Bank of America with a friend, when she was allegedly approached by the accused — an East Bay man.


b2ap3_thumbnail_first-responders-San-Jose.jpgPolice, firefighters, emergency medical service providers, and other first responders put their lives on the line each day as part of their jobs. As a result, they suffer high numbers of injuries due to work-related accidents. Motor vehicle crashes and collisions are a common occupational hazard in these fields and can result in serious and potentially life threatening injuries. While some are due to the reckless actions of onlookers or other motorists on the road, the stress and distractions that occur behind the scenes can make these incidents more likely to occur. 

Police Officer Injured After Vehicle Accident Near San Jose

According to reports from ABC 7 News, a California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer suffered serious injuries as the result of being struck by a motorized vehicle just outside San Jose on July 27, 2018. The incident occurred in the early morning hours on Clayton Road, as the officer responded to reports of a traffic accident. 


San Jose employment law attorneys, job interview questions, job discrimination, California employment law, age discriminationIf you have been out of work or looking to change jobs or career fields, receiving a call back for an interview by a potential employer is exciting news. How you answer certain interview questions can differentiate you from other job candidates and will ultimately play a role in any hiring decisions; therefore, it is natural to want to spend some time brushing up on the common topics that are likely to be discussed. Be aware, however, that employment laws do prohibit employers from asking certain types of questions in interviews. In addition to having the right not to answer, these questions could open the potential employer up to liability in a claim.

Questions that Are Illegal to Ask in a Job Interview

In a competitive job market, employers are apt to be thorough in asking questions during a job interview. The goal is to narrow down the list of possible candidates and should focus on job qualifications. There are several factors which could influence a particular employees job performance and Monster.com advises that employers do have plenty of flexibility in terms of the topics discussed. However, there are certain types of questions that should not be asked, which could qualify as illegal under state or federal laws.


illegal gambling, San Jose criminal defense attorney, illegal gambling operations, misdemeanor charges, illegal gaming stingGambling holds a strong appeal for many people. When you go to places like Las Vegas or Reno, casinos and stores everywhere offer poker machines where people spend hours on end engrossed in play. While there are some games of chance that are permitted in California, in general operating gambling machines and running other types of illegal games could result in serious criminal charges. If you are facing the possibility of a conviction, you need an experienced San Jose criminal defense attorney to protect you against penalties that include heavy fines and a potential jail sentence.

Gambling Crackdowns in San Jose

Gambling machines owners and illegal gaming operators are a frequent target of law enforcement officials, with undercover operations and coordinated busts in our area occurring on a regular basis. Bay area CBS affiliate KPIX 5 reported that on July 19, 2018, a takedown by police in San Jose netted more than 51 gambling machines, an estimated $75,000 in cash, and the names and addresses of additional people suspected to be involved in illegal gaming operations. A follow up raid based on warrants from the U.S.Department of Justice netted an additional 13 machines and close to $300,000 in suspected gambling proceeds. Additional raids are likely to occur by the end of the summer.


San Jose truck accident, San Jose truck accident attorneys, uneven truck load, improper loading practices, poor truck maintenanceTruck accidents can happen for a variety of reasons. Driver errors, such as speeding, approaching turns too fast, and driving distracted or under the influence are often primary contributing factors. In other situations, poor truck maintenance and lack of proper training may have made a crash or collision more likely to occur. In the case of a recent San Jose truck accident, shifting loads or improper loading practices may have been to blame.

Truck Overturn Causes Traffic Tie-Ups, Leaves One Injured in San Jose

Truck accidents involving semi-tractor trailers, 18 wheelers, and other big rigs can cause major damages, both to the truck driver and other motorists involved. Fortunately, there were only relatively minor injuries in a recent truck accident in San Jose. SFGate reports that on July 24, 2018 a Gilroy man was driving southbound on Interstate 880 heading towards Highway 1 in San Jose when he lost control of his 2009 Volvo 18-wheeler. The truck trailer began shifting towards the left and eventually overturned, coming to a rest between the fifth and fourth lanes of the 101 entrance ramp.


school safety tips, school safety, San Jose personal injury attorneys, recreation-related accidents, traumatic brain injuryLate summer is the time when parents slowly wind down activities and start thinking about sending their children back to school. Amidst getting new clothes, shoes, backpacks, and other supplies, it is important to keep some general safety precautions in mind. Students face a serious risk of personal injuries as the result of slips and falls, sports-related injuries, and pedestrian or bicycle accidents. The following are tips designed to help you protect them in the school year ahead.

Preventing Back to School Pedestrian and Bike Accidents

According to the National Safety Council, pedestrian accidents are one of the biggest safety threats students face. Whether they walk or ride the bus to school, it is important to teach them a few general precautions:


San Jose criminal defense attorneys, hit and run accident, car accident injuries, severe criminal penalties, hit and run chargesMotor vehicle accidents can happen when you least expect them. They may be due to reckless driving behaviors on the part of others, such as making sudden stops or failing to yield, or due to your own errors in judgement, such as driving distracted or under the influence. Whatever the cause and circumstances surrounding a crash, it is important to stop immediately at the scene to protect yourself against criminal charges. Hit and run is a serious matter in San Jose and throughout California. In addition to being liable for injuries others suffer as the result of your actions, you could end up facing severe criminal penalties. 

San Jose Driver Charged With Hit and Run after Multi-Vehicle Accident

A recent accident involving a pick up truck along Vine Street in downtown San Jose set off a chain reaction, resulting in serious injuries for several drivers and passengers, along with causing extensive damage to six other vehicles. ABC7 reported on the accident, which occurred just after midnight on June 28, 2018.


San Jose personal injury attorneys, large crowd injuries, accidental injuries, slips and falls, traumatic brain injuriesAnytime large groups of people are assembled together, whether inside auditoriums or sports arenas or outdoors at festivals or public street events, there is the chance for conditions that make personal injuries more likely to occur. Space may be at a premium, unexpected accidents can occur, and fights can break out, causing pandemonium and chaos. Knowing what to do and how to handle yourself in a crowd can help to ensure your safety. Consider the following tips to protect yourself and others who are with you.

Preparing Yourself For Crowded Events

Pushing, shoving, and being crushed between objects or under people are all concerns in large crowds, as are slips, trips and falls, and injuries due to dangerous conditions such as fires, electrical problems, adverse weather conditions, and acts of violence by others. Places where these types of issues may occur include sporting events, concerts, street festivals, and social or political protests, such as the recent Families Belong Together rally in June 2018, which the Mercury News reports brought more than 20,000 people together in the Bay area.


San Jose criminal defense attorneys, protester rights, protesting permits, protester charges, criminal chargesIn recent years, Americans have taken to the streets in large numbers to protest a large variety of local, national, and international policies and practices. Speaking out against perceived injustice is a long and hard won tradition in this country; however, it has become a flashpoint for controversy.

While free speech and the ability to peacefully assemble is a constitutional right, legal actions against protesters have resulted in numerous arrests and the need for a strong criminal defense. Citizens should continue to unite and stand up for what they believe, but it is important to be aware of your rights and the legal limitations before taking part in a protest.

Permits Required For Protesting


drowning accidents, San Jose personal injury attorneys, drowning risks, children and swimming, Santa Clara drowningSwimming is a favorite activity for children over the summer months. Being out of school, they are likely to want to spend time at the beach or in water parks and swimming at a friend’s home. While this provides children with a fun way to stay physically active and fit, it is important to take precautions to prevent drowning and near drownings, which can result in severe personal injuries.

Drowning Accidents Spike In Santa Clara County

According to a July 2018 report in the Mercury News, drowning accidents have spiked significantly over the past several months. Three children have died as the result of fatal drownings since May, while local hospital rooms have already treated more children for injuries caused by near drowning accidents recently than they have over previous summer seasons. As of the end of June, a total of eight children between the ages of 18 months and 11 years have been affected, with five of the victims under age four.


Posted on in Personal Injury

sexual abuse, San Jose personal injury attorneys, civil lawsuit, California Victims Compensation Fund, self-defenseSexual abuse is an act of violence and a violation of trust. It can occur among children, among spouses and those in dating relationships, with patients in hospitals or nursing homes, as well as among employers and employees. In addition to the serious personal injuries that can result, it can leave lasting emotional scars as well. While you cannot erase or forget what has happened, the following are steps you can take to help you recover.

Dealing With the Trauma of Sexual Abuse

The trauma suffered by survivors of sexual abuse can end up following them for decades afterward, impacting nearly every area of your life. It can alter how you feel about yourself and disrupt your social activities, your professional development, and your relationships.


wrongful termination, San Jose employment law attorneys, wrongful termination grounds,  wrongful termination lawsuit, employment contracts, sexual harassmentWorkers in California are protected by both state and federal laws against wrongful termination and other types of discriminatory or unfair labor practices. When violations occur, employers can be held liable through a civil lawsuit. Damages may include reinstatement to your prior position, compensation for lost wages, and payment of fines, legal fees, and other costs.

If you have been recently fired, how do you know if the situation rises to the level where a lawsuit is in order? The following are four situations that can create liability and land employers in hot water.

Common Practices that Could Form the Grounds for Wrongful Termination 


Internet crimes, hacking, San Jose internet crime defense attorney, computer hacking, Internet-related chargesIn the world of Internet hacking, participants operate under a variety of motives. Some do it for ethical purposes, uncovering vulnerabilities that threaten security. Others engage in hacking for thrill seeking purposes or with the intent of disrupting systems, stealing data and money from accounts, or otherwise causing extensive damage. If caught in this type of situation, you will need an experienced Internet crime defense lawyer on your side to avoid potentially severe penalties.

As a recent local case shows, even with only circumstantial evidence against you, you could still find yourself facing hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines along with a possible prison sentence.

Hacker Faces Felony Charges


San Jose sex crimes attorneys , sex crimes, sex crime charges, sexual harassment, sexual assaultOf all the criminal charges in the California legal system, sex crimes are among the most serious. In addition to eliciting a strong response from the general public, these charges are likely to have a significant impact on your career and your relationships with others. You could easily find yourself in divorce court, with your rights as a parent in jeopardy, while being out of a job and unable to secure additional employment. In these situations, it is important to take the steps necessary to protect yourself.

Five Steps to Take when Facing Sex Crime Charges

There are a variety of different types of sex crimes listed under the California Penal Code. These can range from stalking and sexual harassment, to engaging in illicit and illegal conduct online, all the way up to charges of rape and sexual assault. In any of these situations, it is important to take the following steps to protect yourself:


San Jose personal injury attorneys, broken bones,  slips and falls, car accident injuries,  permanent disabilitiesBroken bones are a common type of personal injury, and can occur as the result of slips and falls or due to car accidents involving other motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. While painful, the regularity with which they occur often causes victims to underestimate their serious nature. Without proper medical treatment and ongoing follow up care, complications can arise that result in permanent disabilities.

Treatment for Broken Bones 

According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), despite their rigid nature skeletal bones are generally somewhat flexible, and it can take significant force or impact for them to break completely in half. Even when they do, the edges may not line up together, or the brake may run vertically, rather than horizontally. With more severe impacts, the bone may actually splinter or shatter into multiple pieces, thus making it even more difficult to repair. Depending on the type of injury suffered, treatment for broken bones may include the following:


traumatic brain injuries, child brain injury, San Jose personal injury attorney, head injury symptoms, suspected head injuryChildren play hard and it is impossible for parents to prevent injuries that are likely to occur as the result of their rough and tumble behavior. While many of these may be no more than minor bumps, bruises, or scratches, it is important to be alert for the signs of something more serious.

In the summer months, children are busy in parks and in engaging in recreational sports, which increase their risk for suffering bumps and blows to the head. Unfortunately, traumatic brain injuries can occur as the result. The following offers signs and symptoms of which to be alert.

Common Causes of Brain Injuries Among Children


employment discrimination, wrongful death claim, San Jose employment law attorneys, employer liability, chronic health conditionsMany people suffer from ongoing disabilities and chronic health conditions that prevent them from performing certain types of tasks on their job. While employers have the right to require you to perform specific duties as part of your job description, employment discrimination is illegal and workers are protected against having to engage in activities that could end up putting them in harm's way due to their disabilities. A recent case involving the wrongful death of a San Jose judge highlights the types of problems disabled employees can run into, and how their employers can be held liable in a claim.

Employer Held Liable for Job-Related Death of San Jose Judge

This case centered on a 74-year-old administrative law judge with the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board. According to a May 2018 report in the Sacramento Bee, he had worked at the San Jose office for 13 years, presiding over unemployment cases. He suffered from a documented heart condition, which ended up claiming his life in September 2015. In the months prior to his passing, he believed his employer was discriminating against him on the basis of his disability.







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