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Business Partner Disputes/Shareholder Conflicts
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Business Partner Disputes Lawyers San Jose CA

Business partner dispute attorney Santa Clara

A Northern California Law Firm for Litigation Involving Business Partners

If you are an owner or investor in a corporation--whether large or small--and you are embroiled in a conflict with your partners or shareholders, you need legal allies who can protect your best interests. As experienced civil law attorneys and seasoned litigators, our attorneys are shrewd negotiators and tenacious advocates for our business clients. The sooner you contact us for representation in your business law conflict, the sooner we can offer advice and provide guidance. Before your situation becomes even more challenging, reach out to us.

Your financial health will be our top priority as we gather details of your situation and prepare a strategy tailored for your unique situation. We will not impose a simple formula on your legal challenges. Instead, we will listen to you and devise a strategy that best helps you achieve your goals in a business partner dispute.

There may be foundational problems with your company that have lead to the challenges you are facing. Or, perhaps you and your partners are at odds about how to grow the company, deal with debt or accept a purchase offer. Regardless of the reason for your conflict, we will offer the guidance you need. By analyzing the details of your circumstances, we will be able to provide the peace of mind you need when your livelihood and future may be threatened by a conflict.

Corporate conflict, differing philosophies and serious disagreements between partners and investors can be toxic. Do not wait for the situation to worsen. Call on our San Jose business partner disputes lawyers at the first sign of conflict.

Partnership Conflicts Can Erode the Strength of a Business

Rather than trying to handle the legal issues on your own, with our team on your side, you will know that you have highly-skilled professionals working for your best interests. There is no substitute for having experienced lawyers on your side when the stakes are high. Partnership conflicts can erode the strength of a business and leave your employees and clients or customers questioning the leadership. This, of course, can have far-reaching consequences. Before such a dispute causes irreparable harm, reach out to a team of attorneys who know how to help.

With more than 30 years of experience in some of the most complex areas of the law, the attorneys of Jachimowicz Law Group know how to keep your conflict from spinning out of control. The sooner you contact us, the sooner your mind will be put at ease knowing that we are on your side. Your consultation with us is free and confidential and indicates no obligation on your part. Call us at 408-246-5500 now to see how we can assist you with all of your business litigation issues including a business partner conflict or shareholder dispute. We serve businesses throughout northern California including San Jose, Santa Clara and the San Francisco bay area.






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