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san jose dui defense lawyers

Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys for all of Northern California

Our defense attorneys have comprehensive knowledge of DUI defense strategies. But our DUI defense lawyers know that every case is unique and there is no formula for successful criminal defense. The secret to a strong DUI defense is developing a strategy the matches the circumstances of the case and no two circumstances are the same. At Jachimowicz Law Group, our attorneys use their many years of experience and familiarity with DUI defense strategies to help clients minimize the impact of a DUI on their lives, jobs and families. Because there is a great deal at stake, it is important to have the counsel and advocacy of an attorney with significant experience creating effective DUI defense strategies.

Building a Strong DUI Defense Strategy

When evaluating the evidence against a client charged with DUI, our lawyers ask some basic questions:

Why were you stopped? Our attorneys will determine whether law enforcement acted properly and in accordance with the law when making the traffic stop. If we learn that the police violated our client's rights, we will challenge the evidence obtained during the stop.

Was the field sobriety test administered correctly? The police must have the right training and employ correct techniques when administering field sobriety tests. Officers must be trained and accredited before they can administer field sobriety tests.

Was the Breathalyzer properly calibrated? The machines used to perform preliminary alcohol screening must be not only properly calibrated, but maintained and repaired. Faulty machines can result in an incorrect blood alcohol concentration (BAC) reading. Our law firm subscribes to a Santa Clara County report that monitors the history of each Breathalyzer machine.

Was the blood alcohol test result inaccurate? Even when the Breathalyzer machine is properly maintained and calibrated, BAC measurements can be inaccurate. Health issues, food and medications can affect the outcome of a Breathalyzer test or blood test. Strict protocols for labeling and storing the blood vials must also be followed. If they are not, we will call attention to this fact and, perhaps, use it to get your case dismissed.

Can expert testimony shed light on problems with the prosecution's case? Many cases depend on technicalities. We work with well-regarded experts who can challenge and point out weaknesses in the prosecution's evidence.

Are there alternatives to jail? A knowledgeable attorney may be able to help avoid jail and other penalties that could affect a person's job or family.

Can rehab help? Our law firm helps clients obtain the treatment they need. Not only will treatment help with alcohol dependence, but it may also be considered by the court when determining a DUI sentence in serious cases.

Can a previous DUI conviction be erased? Our attorneys help clients protect their records and preserve their ability to obtain employment.

A strong DUI defense strategy depends on answering questions such as these. Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to identify the key issues that can make a difference in a client's case. There are many DUI defense strategies. We know them all.

Contact a San Jose DUI Lawyer to Discuss Your Case

Contact the DUI defense attorneys at Jachimowicz Law Group from wherever you are in Northern California. Don't hesitate. As soon as you are arrested, insist on speaking with an attorney and do not talk to the police. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can identify the DUI defense strategy appropriate for your case. There is never a charge for your initial consultation. We will also meet with you at no charge for an initial in-office conference to discuss your case and possible DUI defense strategies. At that conference, the facts and defense of your case will be discussed as well as the fee we will charge. In most cases, payment plans can be arranged.

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