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DUI Attorneys Assisting California Clients with Sentencing and Alternative Sentencing

An experienced lawyer may be able to help you avoid the worst penalties following a DUI conviction. Alternative sentencing may allow you to protect your job security or continue to care for your family. In some cases, a judge may allow for weekend work, eight hours per day, or sometimes electronic monitoring or house arrest. In more serious cases, work furlough program can allow you to keep your job despite a jail sentence.

Alternative sentencing programs are critical to protecting the livelihood of individuals facing DUI convictions. When you are concerned about jail time which could cost you your job or the loss of your license, contact the legal team at Jachimowicz Law Group, experienced with advocating for alternative sentencing.

If you have questions about DUI sentencing, our lawyers can provide a free consultation and evaluation of your case. We will inform you of your rights and options and help you decide if you should pursue an alternative sentencing program.

First Offense: Typical Consequences of a First DUI

  • Up to six months in jail with a 48-hour minimum (typically five to 10 days in a weekend work program, depending on the circumstances)
  • $1,650 fines and penalties (we can arrange installments)
  • Fifteen-week to nine-month drinking driver program ($650 -$1500) (Installments available)
  • Three to five years' probation
  • Four to 12-month license suspension
  • Two points on your driving record

Drunk Driving Accidents: A drunk driving accident is considered an aggravated circumstance that increases the penalties associated with your DUI. Injury accidents can increase the charge to a felony and create the risk of state prison or lengthy county jail time. If you are facing a DUI charge arising out of a drunk driving accident, we can work to protect your rights and limit the penalties. If available, we will seek an alternative sentencing program to protect your job and driving privileges. Attendance at AA meetings or alcohol programs may be suggested.

Multiple Offenses: Anyone facing charges for a second, third, fourth or greater DUI offense definitely needs an experienced attorney. You may face serious consequences arising out of your conviction, including lengthy if not permanent loss of your driver's license and an extended jail sentence. When your rights are at stake and you are seeking to protect your future, we offer aggressive and experienced criminal defense dedicated to ensuring that the consequences of your DUI are minimized.

Truck Drivers, Delivery Drivers, and Bus Drivers: If you are a Class A or B driver charged with a DUI, you could lose your job. With a DUI conviction on your record, you would lose your professional license and your livelihood. Our attorneys will help you seek to limit the damages and penalties of a DUI charge. We can explore any mitigating circumstances that could affect the outcome of your case. We will challenge any evidence presented against you and explain all of the facts to a judge or prosecutor. When your job and livelihood are at stake, contact a legal team you can trust.

Call Jachimowicz Law Group today at 408-246-5500 for a free consultation with an experienced DUI lawyer. Our attorneys in San Jose, California, are dedicated to providing aggressive criminal defense.

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