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San Jose Spousal Abuse Defense Lawyers

San Jose Spousal Abuse Defense Lawyers

Defending Clients Throughout Milpitas, Oakland, and the Bay Area

At the law offices of Jachimowicz Law Group, located in San Jose, California, our goal is vigorously to defend those in San Jose, Milpitas and Oakland who have been charged or accused of spousal abuse and other criminal offenses.

While spousal abuse is always troubling, the fact that people are falsely charged with domestic abuse is much more disturbing even when the touching is very minor or non-existent. Jachimowicz Law Group is a San Jose domestic violence defense lawyers represents people against false allegations of domestic violence, including spousal abuse and child abuse.

If you have been accused of spousal or child abuse in California, you need to take the charge seriously, even if you did not commit the crime, because the State takes the charge seriously. California law almost always requires the police to arrest anyone, rightly or wrongfully, accused of spousal abuse. A misdemeanor conviction for spousal abuse could result in a year in the county jail. A felony conviction can result in up to three years in state prison. Either conviction triggers a 52-week anger management program which can cost $1,500.00. All cases are rigorously defended. Sentences can vary from volunteer work to serious jail time. Even in a clear case against you, often the case can be reduced to a lesser charge such as disturbing the peace or trespassing. Sentences can usually be negotiated to avoid jail time.

Immigration: If you are not a citizen, spousal and child abuse cases can, if not carefully negotiated, result in serious immigration consequences including exclusion from the U.S., denial of status or citizenship and denial of re-entry to the U.S. We work closely with immigration attorneys to craft settlements which will reduce or eliminate consequences of those arrests.

Recent laws, intended to protect victims, often victimize innocent individuals. District attorneys often pursue spousal abuse cases even when the alleged victim admits that they lied about the abuse, or the police exaggerated their complaints. DA's often believe the victim is simply trying to protect their alleged abuser from jail or a criminal record.

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If you have been arrested for spousal abuse or a related offense such as battery, assault, criminal threats, threatening phone calls, damaged phone lines, or intimidating a witness or victim, or false imprisonment, you need a local law firm with the experience and expertise to defend you. Often these cases can be dismissed or reduced to lower charges which do not require jail and/or lengthy and expensive classes.

At Jachimowicz Law Group, our attorneys understand that the criminal justice system works in favor of the accuser. Three of our five criminal attorneys have backgrounds in law enforcement. We are strategically poised and well qualified to investigate your case and tip the scales of justice in your favor.

If you have been accused of spousal abuse contact the San Jose domestic violence attorneys of Jachimowicz Law Group. We offer a free face-to-face consultation and can work out a payment plan in most situations.

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