The high risk of left-turn motorcycle accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2020 | in Catastrophic Injuries |

When are you in the most danger on your motorcycle? Is it when you’re driving at high speeds on the interstate? Is it when you’re riding in the rain? Is it when you ride in a group with numerous other riders?

While all of these situations do carry a degree of risk, the most danger you face is simply when someone turns left in front of you. If they don’t see you and they turn when there’s not enough room, it’s you who faces the highest degree of danger. You’re going to collide with the side of that car or truck as it turns. This is a potentially fatal accident that can happen in a split second. 

Often, it happens because drivers look for other cars when they turn. They may stop in the lane, with the blinker on, waiting to turn through a break in the oncoming traffic. If they don’t see your bike, they think you are that break. They make the turn without warning — you thought they’d wait — and you can’t even avoid it without driving into the oncoming lanes. 

In that sense, you’re actually safer when riding with a group, as you’re more visible, or when driving on the interstate, when no one is going to turn left through your lane. A simple trip to the store or to work can be the greatest danger you face. Even at relatively low speeds, this type of crash is devastating. 

If you do get involved in such an accident, you must understand how to seek compensation for your medical bills and related costs.