San Jose Mayor Latest Victim in Bicycle Accident

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San Jose Mayor Latest Victim in Bicycle Accident

Bicycling is a popular hobby throughout the San Jose area both as a way of having fun and staying physically fit. In recent years, it has also been increasingly embraced as a low cost and environmentally friendly way to get to and from work or school and to run errands. However, the more bicyclists on the road means the greater likelihood for potentially serious bicycle accidents and injuries. Unfortunately, the mayor of San Jose was the latest victim of one of these collisions in a crash which occurred New Year’s Day.

Mayor Suffers Injuries in New Year’s Day Bike Accident

San Jose’s mayor is an avid cyclist and a firm supporter of local bicycling awareness activities such as the annual “Bike to Work Day” which occurs each May. It was nothing unusual for him to be out and about on January 1, 2019, riding through city neighborhoods in celebration of the New Year. Unfortunately, it was during this ride and about three miles northeast of downtown when the mayor was struck by another motorist. He was immediately taken to Regional Medical Center in San Jose, where he was diagnosed with fractures to his sternum and two vertebrae.

The mayor emerged from the hospital the next day after being released at 5:00 p.m. sporting a back brace but able to walk across the Medical Center grounds and address reporters. He thanked witnesses at the scene, first responders, and hospital staff for playing a role in his care and safety. While he is likely to require several months of physical therapy in order to recover from his injuries, he vowed to be back working in his office at City Hall by the following week.

Bike Accident Likely First of Many in San Jose

The driver involved in the mayor’s crash, who stopped and remained at the scene until help arrived, has not been identified by local law enforcement agencies. While initial police investigations do not indicate drugs or alcohol as being a factor in the crash, the driver was determined to be at fault and received a traffic citation. Accident reports indicate that the collision occurred when the individual, who was in an SUV and stopped at a traffic signal, pulled out into the path of the mayor, causing the collision. The SUV driver was charged with failing to yield to another motorist.

The accident, the first of the year in San Jose, is likely to be followed by hundreds of others over the next twelve months. According to the California Office of Traffic Safety (PTS), more than 300 bicycle accidents occur on average in San Jose each year.

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