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Pedestrian Accidents

The new year is off to a dangerous start for pedestrians in the San Jose area. It began with San Jose’s Mayor suffering serious personal injuries in a pedestrian accident that occurred on New Year’s Day. While he is expected to eventually make a full recovery, there have been three other incidents in the weeks since where the victims were not so fortunate. The most recent case involves a hit and run driver, which police are seeking the public’s help in identifying.

Fatal Hit and Run Accident in San Jose

A hit and run accident claimed the life of a San Jose woman just after midnight on January 24, 2019. Police state that the victim was walking in the area of E. Santa Clara Street and N. 10th Street, where she attempted to cross the road. She was reportedly struck by a white van, who immediately fled. Medics pronounced the woman died at the scene.

The San Jose Police Department reports that this is now the third fatal accident involving motor vehicles and pedestrians to have occurred since the new year. They are hoping members of the public may be able to help by identifying the driver or the vehicle involved.

Dealing with the Aftermath of a Hit and Run Accident

Hit and run accidents, whether they involve pedestrians or other motorists, can be frustrating as there is no one to hold responsible for the damages and injuries victims suffer as a result. Particularly in cases of pedestrian accidents, where the personal injuries involved are likely to be severe and even life-threatening, it is important to be aware that you still have some options in seeking compensation for your medical costs, lost wages, and other expenses.

Individual life, health, and accident insurance policies may be able to provide some compensation. Having the police at the scene and making sure a report is filed is also vital. Our San Jose personal injury attorneys can also assist you in locating responsible parties and bringing them to justice by taking the following actions on your behalf:

  • Conducting our own accident investigation of where, when, and how your accident occurred;
  • Interviewing residents in the area in an effort to locate witnesses;
  • Requesting copies of videotape recordings from nearby stores or traffic signals, which may hold valuable clues; and
  • Working with law enforcement officials to alert local repair shops, who may come across the vehicle.

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