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San Jose Scooter Accident Illustrates Why Officials Put Ban in Place

Electric scooters have many devoted fans throughout the Bay Area. People of all ages appreciate them as a convenient and cost-effective way to get around town, eliminating the need to take the bus or to deal with the hassle of driving, which includes sitting in traffic, wasting gas, and driving around endlessly looking for a parking space. However, with increases in both the number and severity of personal injuries associated with scooter accidents and the hassle of having riders abandon them on sidewalks and in other places, the number of places putting scooter bans into effect are increasing as well.

Electric Scooters Banned at San Jose State

While electric scooters may be convenient and fun to ride, some places are saying they are just not worth the hassle. San Jose State University put a scooter ban in place after receiving numerous complaints about users riding them improperly and parking them in potentially dangerous locations, such as in front of doorways or in the middle of sidewalks and bike paths. Electric scooters are now completely prohibited anywhere on school grounds and SJSU officials took the drastic step of collecting every scooter it had on campus, locking them in a warehouse, and telling the scooter companies to come get them.

During the same week the ban took effect, a scooter accident near campus seemed to illustrate the point. The collision involved a person who was hit by a Tesla Model S after driving a Lime scooter the wrong way in a bike lane. The unidentified scooter rider was taken to a local hospital, where he was treated for non-life threatening injuries.

Studies Show Increased Risk of Head Injuries in Electric Scooter Accidents

While a collision involving a Tesla and an electric scooter may seem like a caricature of Silicon Valley, the fact is these accidents are a serious matter. A study released earlier in the year shows that in addition to broken bones and damage to soft tissues, scooter riders face a serious risk for potentially severe head injuries.

In general, scooter riders tend to forego helmets. In the event of even a minor crash or a mishap, such as hitting a stationary object, a bump, blow, or jolt to the head can leave the rider suffering potentially permanent impairments. These injuries are often compounded by the fact that the victim may not experience symptoms until days or even weeks after the accident occurs.

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