Keeping Your Children Out of Trouble With the Law 

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Keeping Your Children Out of Trouble With the Law

For parents, keeping children safe and away from potentially bad influences is a top priority. With the general increase in juvenile crimes in San Jose, it is more important than ever to monitor their activities. As the police become more aggressive in apprehending teen offenders and public pressure increases when it comes to handing out penalties, our Bay Area criminal defense attorneys want you to be aware of steps you can take to keep your children from getting in trouble with the law. 

San Jose Police Focus on Juvenile Offenders

With parents busy working multiple jobs to provide for their families, young people are often left unsupervised. This can make them more likely to commit petty crimes that put them at odds with the law. It also increases the risk that they will be influenced by gangs to commit more serious types of crimes. 

In San Jose, police are taking increased actions after dangerous and destructive crimes involving young offenders have rocked the community in recent months. In the aftermath of two fatal shootings in one local neighborhood and reports of thefts, vandalism, and other types of crimes in others, police have begun mapping the areas where these activities are most likely to occur. 

The maps go beyond simply detailing neighborhoods where gangs have gotten footholds and places within the city where juvenile crimes are most likely to occur. They also address factors such as the overall poverty rate in these areas, cases of domestic violence and child abuse, food insecurity, and other issues that can make children more likely to commit illegal acts. 

How Parents Can Protect Their Children Against Criminal Charges

For parents who do their best to raise honest, respectful young people, it can be troubling to think of all the bad influences that are out there. There are numerous ways children can get on the wrong side of the law, but it often begins with the crowd they associate with. 

To protect your children against criminal charges and a possible stay in Santa Clara Juvenile Hall, it is important to be a well-informed parent. Know the places in your neighborhood where gangs are most likely to congregate and make sure your children steer clear. Other actions you can take to protect them include: 

  • Enrolling them in organized sports or other activities, which can keep them from having too much free time on their hands;
  • Checking up on them when they tell you where they are going or who they will be with;
  • Making a point of meeting your child’s friends and their parents; and
  • Giving them a firm curfew at night and making sure it is enforced.

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