Is The High Cost Of Living Driving Theft Crimes In San Jose?

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San Jose, much like the entire Bay Area, has lots of diverse neighborhoods. Some of these are thriving due to high-paying jobs in the tech industry and other career fields. Residents own multi-million dollar homes or rent luxury apartments while driving luxury cars to visit upscale restaurants and shops in the area. Just a few blocks over, other neighborhoods are not quite so prosperous and residents struggle to get by on minimum wage jobs. Unfortunately, the disparity between these two groups and the generally high cost of living make theft crimes more likely to occur. 

Disparities In Income and Lifestyle Among San Jose Residents

San Jose is regularly considered one of the best places to live for individuals and families. Factors that are often cited as making it attractive for families and other residents include: 

  • High-quality schools
  • A thriving job market
  • Low commute times
  • High median incomes
  • The availability of homes that fall in line with wages

Depending on where you live in San Jose, these qualities may be keeping with what you generally experience as a resident. Unfortunately, in some neighborhoods, this list of amenities simply does not apply. 

In some areas, low pay among workers in the service industry or in manual labor jobs often makes it impossible to live on just one income while housing prices make the dream of homeownership unaffordable. Children walk to schools on streets where pedestrian accidents occur regularly while parents are often too busy working to provide proper supervision. The disparity between these two economic sectors in San Jose breeds resentment and makes certain types of crimes more likely to happen. 

Theft Crimes in San Jose

The economic disparity between people and neighborhoods in our area likely contributes to the high rate of theft crimes that are committed. According to annual statistics from the San Jose Police Department, the most common of these crimes include: 

  • Burglary, which is when someone enters another person’s home or property with the intent to commit a theft
  • Larceny, which is when someone intentionally takes or withholds property belonging to another individual, such as money, services, or personal possessions
  • Vehicle theft, in which a person steals another’s cars or items contained within

Theft crimes in San Jose are five times more likely to happen than more violent offenses. Unfortunately, without experienced legal representation, the penalties you face may be just as severe.

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