San Jose Police Get Digital Upgrade To Counter Neighborhood Crimes

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Residents of San Jose have complained long and bitterly about the increasing number of neighborhood crimes taking place throughout the local area. Many home and property owners have taken matters into their own hands by installing electronic alarm systems and video monitoring to ensure their family, friends, customers, and property are protected.

In light of local crime statistics, law enforcement has recently announced a series of actions they hope will help discourage lawbreakers and make neighborhoods safer. The latest involves using digital technology to immediately download personal surveillance tapes, keeping criminal defense attorneys busy and making potential suspects easier to apprehend.

Ring Technology May Save Time in Uncovering And Apprehending Criminal Offenders

On September 26, 2019, the San Jose Police Department announced they were getting a digital upgrade to their existing community surveillance and outreach system. They will be partnering with Ring Technology, which will allow them to have homeowners download security footage in real-time. 

Currently, when crimes occur in neighborhoods, officers must go door to door afterward in an effort to obtain video or digital camera footage. With this new partnership, people with Ring cameras and the installed app will automatically receive a text when a local crime happens. They can immediately download any footage they may have, saving police time and allowing for a more immediate response. 

As neighborhood crime levels have increased throughout San Jose, more and more property owners have Ring cameras and other surveillance devices. These can provide important evidence used to apprehend and convict suspects in cases involving the following: 

  • Vandalism
  • Breaking and entering
  • Home invasions and robberies
  • Carjackings and thefts
  • Assault and battery
  • Sexual assault, harassment, and stalking
  • Gang-related activities
  • Drug dealing and possession

Increased Efforts Among Law Enforcement Require Strong Criminal Defense

In their effort to prevent crime and appease local residents, the San Jose Police Department had already announced advanced crime mapping and statistical services. Based on previously filed arrest records and incident reports, these services allow law enforcement officers to better determine problem areas within the city and locations where crimes are most likely to occur so that they can be targeted with more aggressive police and patrol efforts. 

As a result of all these combined actions, the number of potential suspects in local crimes is likely to increase, as will the number of those apprehended. With the potential for surveillance camera footage being used as evidence in these cases, there is less likelihood for charges to get dropped or reduced and increased odds of convictions. This is all the more reason that when facing even petty crime charges, you need an experienced, aggressive San Jose criminal defense attorney on your side.  

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