Deadly Wrong-way Crashes Plague Bay Area

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When it comes to car crashes and collisions, wrong-way accidents are typically one of the least common. However, they are one of the most deadly. Often occurring on one-way streets, intersections, and at highway entrance or exit ramps, drivers traveling at normal speeds are typically taken by surprise to see another motorist headed directly towards them. Considering the fact that wrong-way drivers are often unaware of their mistake until it is too late, neither has adequate time to respond. This increases the likelihood of severe and potentially fatal car accident injuries . The underlying causes are often a combination of driver error and road design issues.

Wrong-Way Crash Claims Four Victims in San Francisco

A tragic wrong-way accident that happened on the freeway in San Francisco claimed the lives of four people recently. The accident happened at roughly on Highway 1 when a woman in a Volkswagen drove south in the northbound lanes. She struck a cab driver carrying two tourists from Chicago, killing herself, the other driver, and both passengers in the vehicle.

Unfortunately, this is the seventh such accident in the Bay Area thus far this year, with fatal wrong-way crashes averaging nearly once a month:

  • A San Jose woman who was one of two people killed in a wrong-way accident on Highway 101 in February
  • A Bodega Bay woman who was killed after driving west in the eastbound lanes of Highway 37 and colliding with another vehicle in April
  • A San Jose woman killed in May after colliding head-on with a minivan full of teens, one of which was also killed in the crash
  • A Palo Alto driver who was killed in June after driving south in the northbound lanes of Highway 17 near University Avenue
  • A Mountain View woman who collided with another vehicle head-on Highway 237, killing both drivers in September

Risk Factors For Wrong-Way Accidents

According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), wrong-way accidents account for roughly two percent of crashes on the road, a relatively small number compared to other types of collisions. However, they are responsible for nearly 30 percent of all fatalities. While the reckless behaviors of others, such as driving while impaired or being distracted, are often to blame, there are often other contributing causes which may have played a role:

  • Drivers unfamiliar with local roads and highways
  • Poor lighting and glare from other vehicles, making it harder to see other drivers
  • Lack of proper signage on one-way streets and highway exit or entrance ramps
  • Poor road planning in general

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