Local Man Pleads Guilty To Arson Fires Resulting In Millions Of Dollars In Damage

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The fallout from recent widespread wildfires continues to create problems for people throughout the Bay Area and in the surrounding communities. Considering the devastation these types of events cause and how easily they can get completely out of control, it is hard for most people to imagine that anyone would set a fire purposely. Unfortunately, cases involving arson are common, and there are often a variety of motivations for committing this crime. If you are facing arson charges, our experienced San Jose criminal defense attorneys can help protect you against conviction and the harsh penalties you are facing.

Money Motivates San Jose Man to Commit Arson

A San Jose man recently pleaded guilty to a series of arson fires that were motivated by money. The man orchestrated the fires as part of a scheme to collect millions of dollars in insurance payments. The fires occurred several years ago and involved warehouses and buildings in both the San Jose and Stockton areas.

Police report that the man and his partner rented a series of warehouses for their import/export business, with the intent of setting fire to them. Afterward, they claimed damages for possessions they claimed were damaged by the fire. The suspect set several house fires as well, planting smoke damaged possessions inside and claiming cooking fires were to blame. He was finally apprehended after an anonymous caller identified him on a tip line and told authorities where the next scheduled fire would be. In addition to multiple counts of arson, he pleaded guilty to insurance fraud. Police charged his wife and several of his associates for their roles in the arson crimes as well.