Amateur arguments against your claim can require expert testimony

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An unexpected injury can come with a wide range of costs, not the least of which is hospital bills. The charges from getting treatment can be devastating to your finances, so you may want to rely on the experts when it comes time to state your case.

Millions of Americans head to the emergency department every year for injuries. The medical costs from these visits can be just as debilitating as the accident themselves, but an insurance company or jury may not take your word for it. When you’ve got everything on the line, it may be time to call in a few experts to speak on your behalf.

Professional opinions

The testimony of an expert witness is given more weight thanks to specialized knowledge, skill and education:

  • Medical diagnosis: Since your case can rely heavily on how much damage you suffered, you’ll want to bolster your claim with a supporting medical opinion. An expert in the field of medicine can explain your specific injuries, what limitations they put on you and what a successful recovery could take.
  • Accident reconstruction: Rebuilding the accident can be important in showing how things really took place. Explaining the events is one thing, but having a professional build the event piece by piece with drawings, models and animations can drive the point home.
  • Engineering analysis: The cause of an accident isn’t always cut and dry, so it could take extra explaining to get an outline. A qualified engineer can offer evidence on how an area fell short of applicable codes, construction didn’t live up to reasonable expectations or how a team improperly designed a project from the start.

State the strongest case possible by getting the support you need. Expert witnesses can strengthen your position by backing you with testimony that benefits from years of experience, helping you get the financial assistance you need after an accident.