How to increase your chance of surviving a motorcycle accident

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2020 | Catastrophic Injuries |

Any of us who rides a motorcycle in San Jose knows we run a higher risk than car users of getting injured or killed. The accident statistics can be scary, but no one has come up with statistics to show the other side of the equation — how life-affirming getting out on our bikes is.

If we understand what causes motorcycle accidents, we can lessen the chance of us having an accident. The data below is from the 2017 report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:

Don’t drink and ride

  • 515 motorcyclists died in accidents in California
  • 43% of these were over the alcohol limit

Wear a helmet

  • 5172 riders died in accidents in the USA
  • 1872 more would have died if they were not wearing a helmet

Most of us do wear a helmet in California; the law requires it. While a helmet is not always going to save you, it increases your chance of living by a third.

Stay within the speed limits

  • 32% of riders killed were speeding
  • We all know the thrill of going fast on a bike, but is it worth dying for?

Ride defensively

  • 57% of all motorcycle accidents involved other vehicles
  • 42% of these happened when the other vehicle turned left across the motorcycle

If you know what to expect, you can try to avoid getting caught in other people’s bad driving. Any time there is a left turn coming up, you know to expect the worst.

If you have a motorcycle accident in the San Jose area, you could use the help of a local attorney who understands motorcyclists, one who rides a motorcycle themselves.