Drug charges won’t always stick

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

If you are taken into custody in California and charged with a drug crime, there is a chance that the charge will be dropped at a later date. This may be because evidence was obtained illegally or because you decided to cooperate with the prosecutor in your case.

Misdemeanor charges are often reduced

Say that you were charged with misdemeanor drug possession in addition to felony possession of a weapon. There is a chance that the drug charge will be dropped so that the prosecutor can put more time and effort into seeking a conviction on the felony charge. A misdemeanor charge may also be dropped or reduced if you agree to a plea deal. According to the Department of Justice, 95% of cases that involved felony charges in 2002 were resolved through plea agreements. It is important to note that accepting a plea deal is similar to being convicted after a trial.

Police officers cannot act in a corrupt manner

If an officer acted improperly before, during or after you were taken into custody, it may be grounds to have a drug charge dismissed. Your attorney may attempt to call into question the credibility of an officer who engages in such activity. In some cases, it may be possible to have a conviction overturned if evidence of corruption comes to light after your trial.

A criminal defense attorney may take steps to help you obtain a favorable outcome in a drug case. In some cases, this might mean that a charge is dropped entirely and that you will not face any penalties such as jail time or a fine. Your attorney may work to cast doubt on evidence or question the credibility of witnesses in an effort to obtain an acquittal or a favorable plea deal.