When car crash victims break their femur

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It’s usually in a high-impact car crash that the victims fracture their femur. The femur, also known as the thighbone, is the strongest bone in the body, after all. What California residents should know is that femur fractures can be life-threatening with victims often suffering from severe blood loss, blood clots and, if the bone protrudes from the skin, infections. Pedestrians and motorcyclists often fracture their femur.

Different types of femur fractures

Perhaps you suffered a femur fracture in a crash. It most likely occurred at the femoral shaft, or midsection, or it occurred around the knee joint at what’s called the distal end. The femur may break at the head or neck, which connect to the hip joint, but these fractures are more commonly seen among the elderly when they fall. As per the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, crashes, followed by falls, are the top cause of femur fractures.

Fractures may be complete or partial. In the case of most high-impact collisions, the fracture is complete. The femur may even splinter due to a crushing injury.

How victims are treated

Doctors usually address a femur fracture by surgically implanting a metal rod into it and reattaching the pieces of bone together with screws or nails. Victims normally go through physical therapy afterwards and may need pain medications on a regular basis.

What you can do to seek compensation

Suffering a personal injury as the result of another’s negligence, you’re entitled to compensation. Even if you were partially to blame, you could still be eligible for damages. A lawyer may evaluate your case and determine just how much you could strive for from the other side’s auto insurance company. You may even have the lawyer negotiate on your behalf. Third parties may come in to gather evidence of the defendant’s guilt.