What are some examples of cyber crimes?

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In today’s digital world, some people in California are turning to the internet to commit misdeeds. While online crime is typically associated with adults, children are frequently the victims of cyber crimes. Individuals prey on weak and vulnerable people and take advantage of their lack of knowledge about the internet. As a result, states have written new laws to help authorities deal with the rising number of cyber crimes.

Why are children frequently victims of cyber crimes?

Before the internet, most bullying took place at school, in the park or over the phone. Now that children have access to the internet, they can bully their victims anywhere. Cyber bullying can involve harassing someone on social media, sending them threatening text messages or intimidating them through email. Some children have committed suicide after being subjected to nonstop cyber bullying.

Sexting is another form of cyber crime that typically involves teenagers. Sexting is the act of sending sexually explicit texts and images to an underage individual. If an underage person takes explicit pictures of themselves, these pictures can be viewed as child pornography. While sexting often involves a teenage couple, adults can also prey on children through the act of sexting.

What are other common forms of cyber crime?

Hacking is one of the most common forms of cyber crimes. This involves hacking into another person’s computer or servers to steal confidential information. Some hackers use this information to commit identity theft, which is another form of cyber crime. Others distribute the information they seized to cause chaos.

Instead of gathering personal information, some hackers use their access to release viruses throughout the system. This can cripple large businesses and make it impossible for them to operate. As a result, hacking is treated as a serious crime. Anyone charged with a computer crime might want to look for a criminal defense lawyer to help protect their rights.