Driving While Intoxicated Puts the Driver and Others in Danger

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

The message “don’t drink and drive” has been drummed into the public’s mindset for years, and the fact that it’s resulted in a steady reduction in alcohol-impaired driving fatalities over the years means that the messaging has worked. California residents understand that driving under the influence results in reduced cognitive functioning that puts them and other people in serious danger.

How does drinking negatively affect driving?

Drinking negatively affects a driver’s ability to drive safely in many different ways. One way it affects people is by slowing down their reflexes and response time to situations. If they have to stop the car suddenly to avoid hitting someone or something, their brains may not receive and process that information in time.

Drinking can also affect and alter their visual perception, making objects appear closer or farther away than they really are. This skewed perspective is extremely dangerous when driving on the road since it’s impossible to tell whether people or objects are close to the car or far away.

Another serious way that alcohol affects a person’s ability to drive safely is that it makes the person behind the wheel more tired. Alcohol causes people to feel sleepy or to even pass out, and they’re not even aware that it’s happening until it’s too late. It also makes it really difficult to understand what’s going on or to do simple tasks. This is the reason that police officers ask drivers who they suspect are under the influence to perform a series of tests that will measure their cognitive abilities.

How can people who’ve been charged with DWIs get help?

People who’ve been charged with DWIs may benefit from working with criminal defense attorneys who have experience helping clients with these types of charges. These lawyers may be able to help with everything that needs to be done to get their lives back on track.