What to know if you were injured in a truck collision

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Car accidents are not only financially devastating but also physically and emotionally stressful, and accidents with large commercial vehicles are worse. In addition to victims dealing with injuries, filing a claim is complex with a lot of rules and policies. California experiences a high number of trucking accidents annually. Since these vehicles are larger than other cars, they cause substantial damage to the cars they collide with. Here’s what you need to know in case of a truck collision.

Dealing with different causes

Settling disputes after motor vehicle accidents involves determining liability and calculating damages. Resolving these conflicts after trucking accidents is more complex than with passenger car collisions due to the myriad of factors that could have caused the accident. Although the truck driver might be responsible for an accident, the trucking company could also have some responsibility.

Equipment failure is a common cause of trucking accidents. In such an accident, however, the driver is not free from any liability since they have to carry out a pre-trip inspection. The inspection ensures that all equipment is functioning correctly. If a piece of equipment fails and results in an accident, the driver is responsible. The trucking company is also responsible for failing to maintain the truck properly.

Compensation for damages

According to the law, people injured during a trucking accident that was not their fault are eligible for compensation. Just like car accidents, you can sue the at-fault truck driver for medical care, rehabilitation, loss of earnings and domestic service costs. However, there may be limitations depending on the state.

Investigating, evaluating and properly filing the correct documents after a trucking accident is a complex process. You may want to contact an attorney to improve your chances of receiving your entitled compensation.